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File: SDEJd.jpg (705.40 KB, 1727x2459)
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Step the fuck away queers, toughest and most bad ass JoJo coming through.
She's dead.

Pity, too, she'd have made lovely babies with Annasui.
yare yare dewa

She'll be back
A couple of volumes away from finishing part 6 here.
So far my second favourite JoJo and close to Crazy Diamond for best jojo stand.
I can totally see why she is Annasui waifu.
Her determination is over the top even for jojo standars
Im about to finish Stone ocean as well, she reminds me of Joseph but on steroids.
Why so much hate for Part 6 anyways? Is it because of the ending? I found Part 6 to be really fun. Better than Part 2 but not as good as 4 or 7.
I thought a lot of western fans generally liked it and have seen it placed in the top 3 of a lot of people's rankings. I japan though it's probably disliked because Jolyne is not their kind of female MC, especially during when it ran in Jump.
She really is great. Just sad that her father can't display any emotion other than annoyance. Though who could blame him, his own father literally never being around.

Girls can't have babies with girls.
File: 1390606558172.gif (2.81 MB, 362x200)
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I thought Jotaro's best moments were during the finale of Stone Ocean.
What exactly does King Crimson eliminate when it erases time? The effects of natural functions remain, like bleeding, but other actions are erased.
I havent gotten to SBR yet, I'll read it after the SDC anime finishes but so far I think Jolyne and Joseph are the best JoJos
I'm on the Mirror Man fight in part 5 and I just can't get through it.
File: 1390182911712.jpg (77.81 KB, 517x462)
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>you'll never feel those feet on your dick
part 5 is the worst but there are some brutal as fuck fights
File: Caring Father.jpg (520.03 KB, 906x1400)
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too bad Jotaro can't compare to the best father of the series
look at how close these two are
He was best husbando as well
>Jotaro grabbing Jolyne from Anasui

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