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I really like the premise of this, but the execution... what the hell the author was thinking? She is completely nuts!

I tried to ignore and keep reading, but then that Anna appears.
"The existence of Maria causes her pain"? This is ridiculous. The two were friends, or so thought Maria. She believes that made a "grave error" and even stalked her because... she were "too much" friendly? I can't find words to describe how this is retarded. Worse, Anna completely agree with this.

Ok, couldn't get worse right? Oh god...

Now, Maria finally confess her love to Meguru, and he can't accept her because... her mother get raped and commited suicide because the extreme sincerity of the words of his daughter?

My mind blow!

Meguro really thinks that Maria will be more happy alone, he really believes that if he hug her she will remember why and how her mother committed suicide, thus, FUCK HER AND FUCK MY FELLINGS FOR HER FUCKS SAKE!


Anyone dare to convince me to not drop this garbage?

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