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>tons of lore
>great characters design
>nice concepts and storyline
>charming and likeable characters
>SK 0
>funbari no uta
>sequel being serialized every month since 2012
>sequel is getting more attention and marketing than the original manga
>KZB edition is fucking gorgeous
Why it doesn't have its own 'SK: Brotherhood' yet? Even an OVA series would be great. What do you think?

Also, Shaman King appreciation thread
FMA is way more popular than any other instance of the SK continuity.

It's truly a shame, it even got canceled when its arguably best/deepest chapter got released, truly genering mixed feelings amongst its fans, until the manga got serialised again.
It was decent but far from perfect.

- Yoh was a pretty shitty protagonist and person in general. There's a difference between being easy going and being passive.
- No stakes to the fights. There was no reason why we should care if Yoh lost in the first round.
- Characters were one note and boring.
-Characters rationalized assholish behavior too much
- Hao had no hand in his own "redemption"
- Takei would introduce new rules only to break them two chapters later.
-Holy shit does Anna need to be nerfed. Takei should be ashamed the way he favors her.

I like shaman king as concept but Takei is just..not a great writer and unfortunately reading Flowers he hasn't changed in the slightest.
didn't like the series and it was kinda weird that they turned into a big ass blob of spirit like a robot near the end
maybe because i watched the anime by xebec.
I like Hana much more as protagonist than Yoh. I hope his sequel better than his old work though.
My only problem with the series is that the concept has been done to death, and by better authors.

Just give me a new anime and I'll be happy
I'd love to see it done by bones, seeing as how many mech-ish designs S.K. has.
>Takei would introduce new rules only to break them two chapters later.

What? No he didn't, the rules of SK were incredibly consistent.
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Well fuck you too.
Damn, I'd love to see some Shaman King reboot like Hunter x Hunter
Oh shit, I forgot how good the manga was. The anime was shit but I hope to see a reboot of the anime with better quality.
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Goddamnit. I want it so badly but it'll never fucking happen.

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