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File: Golden-Time-Vostfr.jpg (122.26 KB, 640x360)
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Golden Time general

You have 10 seconds to explain why you're not watching the SoL masterpiece
File: 526a8fe20f4fb.gif (275.91 KB, 500x282)
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I dropped it a few episodes after Kouko's confession because the love triangle/ghost drama was boring and slow.

It's not.
It's pretty shit but I am watching it.
>Not admitting it's a romance
File: banrifriend.jpg (27.05 KB, 329x342)
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27.05 KB JPG
I don't know
Oka doesn't have enough screentime.
Fuck off.
I ain't afraid of no ghost.
File: download.jpg (10.60 KB, 254x198)
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oh god
I watched the first two episodes but wasn't able to follow so I decided to download it when a batch came out
It's shit.
That image exemplifies their relationship perfectly
File: 1385431873877.png (982.38 KB, 1660x942)
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982.38 KB PNG
I am watching.
This anime is a slow-motion car crash.
It's like a train wreck that you can't look away from.

Also Chinami best girl, and TADA BANRI best TADA BANRI.
But I am watching it.

Also obligatory fuck ghost banri.
It's pretty fun when you lose yourself and forget ghost Banri is still there, being a whiny fuck.
But I don't watch SoL, OP. GT can't be a SoL.
I dropped it like a hot iron since the 1st episode
Is it just me or has the series been getting better?
It was pretty painful to watch about 3-4 episodes ago, but ever since the beach trip I've been feeling okay about it.
And even though they pulled some forced drama with the car accident baiting, it was kind of funny to see Ghost Banri upset. The cleanup was understated, and scenes with Koko's dad were kind of funny. Banri and Koko argued about things that made sense for a relationship and Ghost Banri didn't appear even a little.
They might not actually make another huge deal about Ghost Banri again.

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