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Banner of the Stars thread anyone?
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I would betray every single one of you for Lafiel. No hard feelings, right?
Any spoilers from last LN?
Every space elf girl in show was better than her.
No problems anon, we all out jew each other in an instant for her.

Oh god... what happen to them?
Is there non adapted LNs?
It's called stylization anon.
where is the last season?!
I can't even find BotS anywhere ;_;

Even /r/ failed me...
The last season is the 3th banner of the stars isn't?
Lafiel a generic tsundere shit.
It's in animebytes and in nyaa. Search harder.
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it covers 3rd novel... there are 4 in total.
Holy shit, the date the English subbed version of it was posted yesterday.

There is a god.

Haruhi be praised!
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The Humankind Empire Abh is betrayed by the Hania Federation which sacks the Abh imperial capital Lakfakalle. Lafiel's grandmother Empress Ramaj refused to flee the city and was killed. Dusanyu, the guy who annexed Martine at the beginning of Crest of the Stars, succeeds her as Emperor.

Lafiel meanwhile is given command of a new starship, one much larger and more powerful than her previous two Roil class assault ships, but still smaller than a patrol ship.
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I have only watched the first episode than other stuff came between and I didn't pick it up, musical score was great but I was confused as to in which order this should be watched.
Episode I watched was when MC was picked up by elf girl at the space airport, is that the first one?
Crest of the Stars is first.

Then Banner of the Stars 1, 2, and 3.

And yes, you're starting with Crest.

Oh and bakabt had to remove BotS 1 and 2 recently. Ain't that the shit.
>Oh and bakabt had to remove BotS 1 and 2 recently

Thank god I downloaded the entire series a few months ago then, guess I'll have to shoehorn it in before spring season starts, so much to watch so little time.

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