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Why has there been a lesbian explosion in anime?
There has? Are they okay?
Some of them aren't breathing, but they are currently being given CPR.
no icky boys allowed
Next season we can have an all-girl harem anime, like Kampfer, but without the MC being a boy in the past
Team MY WAIFU wants to fuck them and is about as concerned about who they actually want to fuck as they are about the tastes of the RL girls whose "friendzoning" they're salty about.
Team Herbivore doesn't really care about having a dick and is perfectly happy self-inserting as one of them.
Team Only Kind of Maladjusted likes romances where the roles aren't immediately set in stone by which participant is which gender.

It works for everyone.
we've been going yuri^2 since YuruYuri happened.
How many of you are straight, but wish you had a girls body (thereby becoming a lesbian)?
File: 1389384894604.gif (2.35 MB, 450x253)
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Golden Age of Yuri
Enjoy it
File: INAGOODWAY.png (881.38 KB, 1366x768)
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Damn straight
I don't want it, but I wouldn't mind it.
File: 1390394954347.png (14.16 KB, 400x400)
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I laughed way harder than I should have.
File: 1390774316486.jpg (226.50 KB, 1280x720)
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Only if I am a kawaii qt3.14
or a being a loli might be interesting
File: logh.jpg (600.97 KB, 1458x1494)
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SJW invasion into the anime industry, they want to emasculate white men.

They don't make anime like they used to.
It's a national progression of beta male otaku.

First they watch romance so they can get their fix.

Then they only watch harems, because they get jealous of all the romance male characters getting girls.

Then they only watch slice of life, because they get jealous of the harem leading getting girls.

Then they only watch yuri, because they get jealous of all the slice of life male characters existing around girls.

Yuri is a fantasy for fat, sweaty, permavirgin male otaku.

It's also the cancer killing /a/.
If I could have hot body then yes and no periods.
Most of the people that watch anime and actually pay for merch and shit are sub-humans with sub-human tastes (by their own admissions). However they are the only ones willing to put out any long term coin. Naturally, the industry will cater to their taste.

Get mad.

>a national progression


Why does it have to be a real life complex? Why can't I just enjoy girls kissing? Go fuck yourself.
I think he means the logical consequences of the cultural leanings of an entire state of omega faggots.
and you're complaining? after Free the anime industry needs to bring back their most strongest weapon
cute lesbian schoolgirls
File: 19.png (672.93 KB, 716x1024)
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Do you like it when there's a lesbian character who's a clingy stalker in love with a straight girl?

You mean anime about gay men? Free! aired not too long ago.

I hate to be that guy but what is this from?
File: 1382582009742.gif (2.70 MB, 400x225)
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The 2nd Maken Ki OVA. I wouldn't call it good.
Is this manga any good?
I think so.
File: 1381964044346.gif (1.96 MB, 450x450)
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Studios have been browsing /a/ and seen how many people love Yuri.
File: bitchikillu.gif (39.21 KB, 100x100)
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There hasn't been. It 's just been girl around girl touching, kissing, etc because it's fanservice and otaku want boobs touching/to be touched.

There is no lesbianism, otaku do not believe women can be sexually or romantically attracted to other women. This is why ssy bombed in the anime world.

So to rephrase your euqestion correctly and answer it correctly:

Q: "Why is there an explosion in fanservce in anime"

A: "Sex sells and the social failures that use to be anime fans are now anime producers. What the perverse community wanted 10 years ago is a reality now, but it's going to be less and less as the years go on because a sizable number of fans is getting sick of it."

1/10 gaijin fuckhead for making me reply.
So fucking much. /a/ would make the best girls.
>you will never have titty fights with an anon

A gimmick for loser male otaku
File: 1382951996755.gif (932.90 KB, 400x225)
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Holy hell, picked the fuck up

Thanks anon

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