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Why was this thread locked?
Why was someone banned?
Nothing in that thread constituted a ban.
What the fuck, mods.

I'm not the OP of the thread, but clicked on it to see some buttmangled autist get banned for his underage rule breaking and everyone laughing at him. But there was none of that.

So why the fuck did that thread get closed and someone got banned?
Global Rule 3: Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames etc etc
File: OP and his thread.gif (479.90 KB, 270x202)
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>I have grievances with the modstaff
>better make a metathread
>Why was this thread locked?
Because nobody on 4chan can keep a thread going if there is a public ban in it.
but that retarded shit get's posted everyday and is so subjective. i can't wrap my head around the reason why this one got locked.

/q/ is dead, bud.
File: op's thinking hat.png (31.60 KB, 877x679)
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>/q/ is dead, bud.
For a reason, but that doesn't excuse metathreads.
so just sit quietly and not question anything, then?
Yes. Don't forget to report shit either.
What the fuck kind of thinking is that? How about fuck you?
File: op's keyboard.jpg (48.87 KB, 700x436)
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E-mail them, you fucking pillock.
That's been the rules since forever, goddamn, did your parents deliberately drop you as a kid?
Like emailing them will solve anything.
And this thread will?
It caught your attention didn't it?
A lot of my emails have actually gotten stuff done. I've often requested certain topics be stickied days in advance of a major event and seen it happen. Mods listen if you actually have something worthwhile to say and aren't venting like a whiny bitch (like you are right now).

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