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How often do you watch anime from the 1990s?
90s a shit. 80s were better.
Very rarely
Almost never to be honest
Not very often:
Cowboy bebop
The Big O

I think that's everything I've seen from the 90s
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Not as often as I'd like. That goes for the early '00s, too. It's just a pain to find them; even popular series are rarely available, subbed, in acceptable quality.
>there will never be a decent release of Nanoha StrikerS
Do not reply to Rugarell threads.
What's wrong with Coldlight?
>implying that's an anime from the 90s
>implying it's even early 00s
Way to have no argument

>even popular series are rarely available, subbed, in acceptable quality
Yeah, no. You're doing something wrong.
>What's wrong with Coldlight?
According to the comments on BakaBT, it's shit.

Anyway, if this problem extends even into the late '00s, that just bolsters my point. Don't even try to deny that a lot of series from decades past simply don't exist online.
Pretty often, Other than current airing stuff most of what I watch is from the 90's.
Making my way through Sailor Moon and Magical Knights Rayearth.
XDCC is your friend
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I just watched me some Gunsmith Cats this morning.
Both Rally's English and Japanese voice makes me diamonds
>no outlaw star
Wat are you doing
Big O isn't 90s.
Season 1 is 1999
>tfw when you can't find Banner of the Stars
>the best series from the 90's
Almost never, but I do read a lot of manga from that time period.
A lot of good mecha stuff is from the 80s and 90s, so yeah I watch a lot.
I think it's always essential to be watching at least 1 anime from each decade, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's. so yes

Serial Experiments Lain for instance was awesome, as well as Ghost in the Shell and Excel Saga
I'm working on getting Slayers out of my backlog. As someone born in the early 90s, not having watched that is inexcusable.
00 > 90

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