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File: princess_tutu_260_1024.jpg (534.21 KB, 1024x768)
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What does /a/ think of Princess Tutu?
>ninjas having a guitar battle.jpg
A true manly anime for manly men as myself. 10/10, not moeshit. Masterpiece.
Extremely overrated by hipsters; appropriately forgotten by everyone else
Never heard of it
If you are man enough to watch something that girly it is a surprisingly deep anime.

Also princess tutu is hot duck whack
File: 1219092378439.jpg (65.25 KB, 315x315)
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Does this answer your question, OP?
File: tutu-godhand.png (69.16 KB, 741x592)
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Best writing anime ever
Guitar ninjas
Fakir best boy
Rue best prima donna
File: 1219091143528.jpg (101.46 KB, 1024x768)
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101.46 KB JPG
I want to fuck her voice
After seeing it, I instantly grew a beard, got laid and revolutionized the field of theoretical physics
File: princess tutu.png (189.78 KB, 500x317)
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189.78 KB PNG
Also Duck is best girl.
I am a computer /a/utist, which means I'm fat, nerdy, and have a tiny cock. I got AIDS from paying a cheap whore to fuck me, since I have no love in my life.
When the doctor told me, I went to the only thing I knew -- Anime.
I slammed my penis between two DVD box sets of Princess Tutu. It swelled up to twice normal size and fell off. I was worried.
I woke up the next day with incredible abs, a 14" rod of steel, and no HIV. I'm now an adult movie star, banging porn stars.
Thank you, Princess Tutu!
The anime that showed me how awesome dancing can be.
There is a reason it is on most /a/ recommendation charts OP. Be willing to give it a chance. If you aren't hooked by the end of the second episode you can honestly say that it isn't your thing and drop it with no regrets.

But if you are the right type it will hook you hard, pull you in and you will be FUCK YEAHing for the whole ride.
I always hate if this isn't here.

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