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When did this become acceptable
When Daiz came into power.
A few years ago.
ITT: reasons to learn runes
Blame Daiz.
>24 episodes
Oh good lord, tell me this isn't true. This really would be unacceptable.
>Ghost in the
1 of 12
What is this? Arise isn't 12 episodes is it?
When everyone else stopped subbing.

Commie may be using the CR script as a base, but they're at least doing shit, unlike half the other groups that have all but dissolved.
I don't care as long as i can continue to pirate my subbed animu.
>Watching airing shows
>Not waiting for BDs for the superior quality in video, audio and subs
Found you're problem
The length is seriously one of the key issues.
So impatient, are you 12?
Just watch the shows of the last season meanwhile.
>being a full season behind
You're retarded.
>there are people like you waiting on Commie to finish JoJo BDs so that they can watch it
>BDs won't be done before part 3 starts
>even more waiting after that
No thanks.
If I didn't watch weekly shows, my powerlevel would be a lot lower than it is now.
Crunchyroll have saved fansubbing.
>Implying anything good has aired after 2010
>Implying anyone cares about shitty seasonal shows
>Implying your powerlevel isn't 0 anyway
No, you are retarded.
>implying implications
Great argument
We're old now, OP
Give it up
Commie did the best subs for JoJo. This is a known fact. Enjoy your epic British English memesubs by gg though.
Why would you want to watch something that has superior sourcematerial anyway?
>implying JoJo wasn't a good adaptation
Guess you won't be watching part 3 then too, right faggot?
And while you're at it, don't bother watching anything like Monster, Planetes, Akagi or Ippo.
Stay pleb, faggot
All the shows you stated have adaptions that are inferior to the sourcematerial. Except maybe Planetes.
Enjoy watching shit
How would you know, having never seen them, master mangafag?
Checkmate, atheists.
I have seen them. That's how I know. It's pretty simple.
Why would you want to watch something that has superior sourcematerial anyway?
Double checkmate, faggot.
Because I used to be young and had shit taste back then.
It's Koukaku Kidoutai Nyuumon Arise. 3m per episode flash animation bullshit which is supposed to promote Arise on tv.
File: cutewhenwrong_face.png (552.88 KB, 711x432)
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552.88 KB PNG
Not that guy you're baiting, but really?

>not consuming all forms of media related to a story/setting you enjoy to eke every ounce of enjoyment from it, regardless of one format's inherent inferiority over another

anon pls
>had shit taste back then
>back then
>implying anything's different now
Your taste was better back then, albeit still shit.
The argument was that he didn't get any enjoyment out of watching the anime, though, and that he thus doesn't watch anime adaptations anymore. As evidenced by his quote here >>101403852
Your argument seems to be more against him than against me.
You are a very confused person.
My taste > your taste

Better than oversubing drama and shows without subs.
But I love Nisekoi unironically.
File: 1389943094111.jpg (146.92 KB, 400x690)
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146.92 KB JPG
Watch out for Taneli Daiz Vatanen
The public enemy of fansubbing #1
He is the main responsible for...
☑ Crunchyroll
☑ HorribleSubs
☑ Making ElitistFags quit
☑ Killing fansubbing yearly
☑ Hostile takeover of Commie
☑ Holding subs hostage and forcing people to use Commie
☑ The development of the .H264 10-bit profile
☑ The development of the future .H265 10-bit profile
☑ Attempted assassination of Coalgirls and Sakura!Fish
☑ Attempted assassination of /a/ (ongoing)
☑ Successful assassination of ZeroYuki, Grumpy Jii-san, and Ken-sama
☑ Successful assassination of Saki: Achiga-hen character, Onjouji Toki
☑ Successful assassination of the authors of ‘Kaze no Stigma’, ‘MM!’, and 'Zero no Tsukaima'
☑ Shutting down the NyaaTorrents tracker
☑ Flooding Thailand to increase HDD prices and promote 10-bit video
☑ Shutting down Eri Kitamura's Twitter account
☑ Shutting down BitGamer
☑ Soiling Game of Thrones with unwatchable 10-bit
☑ Removing loli and rape from TVTropes
☑ Ruining a Q&A session with Hadena's Head of Public Relations
☑ Extreme homophobia
☑ Humiliating Mitsuhiro Ichiki
☑ Monopolizing Norio Wakamoto's signatures at Desucon Finland
☑ Suggesting Rotoscoping for Aku no Hana
☑ Eoten
☑ Sabotaging official encoders' efforts in order to make hobbyists look good


His ultimate goal is to kill anime.
However, you can stop him. Spread this list!
since Crunchyroll has been recruiting all the good fansubbers.
The question is more, when did THIS become acceptable?
everyone are getting old faglord, they rather do something else
>These aren't dropped.
>aired a year ago
Thanks, it makes me feel much better than they aren't dropped.
>Flooding Thailand to increase HDD prices and promote 10-bit video

Fuckin Daiz

Did it get better, I have like 2GB free space on my toaster?
File: Hi10p.jpg (822.74 KB, 1920x1080)
822.74 KB
822.74 KB JPG
Jesus, Daiz, get your shit together. What's the point of high10p if it looks this?
What IS the deal with Daiz? Serious question.

He made everyone switch to 10-bit when many of our players couldn't play 10-bit.
File: Hi10pDaizQuality.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
The people who translated anime now works on CR/Daisuki/Funimation and stopped fansubbing, nothing has changed.
source: my ass
File: 1383591130414.gif (753.91 KB, 317x423)
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753.91 KB GIF
>why aren't these people doing a bunch of redundant work without compensation when its already been done for them

gee, i have no idea

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