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Recomendation time. I've lurked a while, might as well try it.
Here's the thing. I haven't watched and liked a new anime since Gankustuou came out, whenever the hell that was. Here's what I'm planning to watch already:
Mononoke, Kaiji, and Akagi. Currently reading Vinland Saga as well.

Here's what I've seen/read and loved:
Death Note (so sue me)
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Kino's Journey
Paranoia Agent
Various Osamu Tezuka works
All of Miyazaki's films

Here's what I DON'T like:
Trigun (used to but now it's annoying), Gungrave, Gurren Langan, 99% of shonen, mecha, shojo, and comedy; Pumpkin Scissors, Black Lagoon. No interest in anything else by the guy who did Monster.

Sorry that's long list of stuff. Is there anything I haven't mentioned that I should check out?
What Tezuka have you read/seen?
I can tell you have no taste, so there is no point recommending anything to you.

You are the prime example of the elitist-4chan-seinen-watcher, who is not actually an elitist.


You must be angry he did not like GL or something.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
I take issue with people who think seinen is better than shonen by default. As if its a scale or something. Those are the kind of people in /v/ who only play M-rated games because its for mature gamers like them.

In other words: You are a child, OP.
Planetes, but since you don't like comedy who the fuck knows if you'll like that. Future Boy Conan, but since you don't like shonen, who the fuck knows if you'll like that.

Now and Then, Here and Later? I guess...
who's a bigger faggot, the person who judges taste based upon a few typed words or general like/dislikes or the person who takes those general judgements as a sample of someones worth?
I don't think he is and I tend to agree. Like "manly man" shit, go watch some hollywood action, otherwise you're not getting the full feeling of what anime/manga is about. Too kiddy for you? stop watching cartoons, morons.

Nanoha (+A's +StrikerS)
Shakugan no Shana
Zero no Tsukaima
Code Geass
Lucky Star
Gurren Lagann

Take your pick, there are heaps of great series out there if you take your brain out of "i'm a man and this hurts my manly pride" bullshit criteria you set as entertainment.

You don't make sense.
I make perfect sense. Though I did forget to put >>10140082
in my post.
OP here. I HAVE watched shonen. I've seen all of Inuyasha, 160 episodes of One Piece, 50 episodes of Bleach, and 30 episodes of Naruto.
I've learned my goddamed lesson.

I'll add Planetes to my list, I've heard a lot of good things about that one. Had no idea it was a comedy.

I never said I ONLY watch seinen. I only listed the shows I've loved. I've watched a lot of anime in general, I just know what I like.
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Very first thing that came to mind
File: 1205125570122.jpg (44 KB, 438x550)
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Gantz maybe? Though it's fucking pace is horrible for how much effort they put into it's production, manga > anime by a shittonne.

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