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Going for a smoke now

She almost conquered us, but not quite.
smoking stinx
>inb4 no drinking because it's bad for you.
I've been smoking the same cigar for an hour.
Right, go kill yourself.
I wanna start smoking just so I can bully that anti-smoking loli.
what's next, no fap?
Episode 3 was shit, and I'm not even a smoker.
Too bad she'd just bully you with a giant armored dildo.
But that is the plan.
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The episode was a little intense, especially considering how smokers are in fact being ousted by society. Smoking and smoking addiction should be viewed from a medical perspective and should aid and sympathy should be offered to help, not anger and violence.

Let's think like a smoker; someone is mad at me for smoking. That makes me frustrated. What do I do to relieve my frustration? Smoke, obviously.

That's why instead of yelling at people and getting mad at them, we should view them with sympathy. Except for that bitch who wouldn't put out her smoke after being asked to. If I was bothering someone and they asked me to put out my smoke, I would do so, or go to a place where it won't bother people.
Calm down, it's just an Anime.

Yet, it represents a larger part of society reflected.


>it's just Anime
Everyday until you stop smoking
It's slightly different in Japan too as the majority smokes.
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There are literally ashtrays in arcades, and people smoke while they play Tekken. Some places are starting to ban smoking though. In the cities there are various smoking areas, which I think is a rather good idea. Also, all those bins prevent littering.
>smoking and drinking
>being this degenerate

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