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>finally start reading the laughing vampire
>get to chapter 14
>scans start over
>no torrent to dl

wellp, was that actually the end then? i'm confused

also why isn't suehiro/eroguro in general discussed more often? is it just because of how little releases there actually are?
What's there to discuss? its not that we're presented with conflicting parts, we are looking at the author opinion stated with drawn pages.
opinion 1: I liked it
opinion 2: I didn't like it
and that's it. or you want to talk about the decadence of modern society, a topic that has been discussed to hell and back until it became a joke?
and eroguro isn't discussed because most people find it simply disgusting. there are places decicated to guro manga exclusively, if you don't know
>there are places decicated to guro manga exclusively, if you don't know am i the only that categorizes eroguro separate from "regular" guro?
uh, dunno how that happened, oh well.
My favourite fucking fetish. It's just a shame there are so few good artists.
i've never seen really seen bad eroguro art. isnt the genre mostly known because of how great and stylized the art is??

don't get me wrong, i'm sure some exists.

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