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Episode 11: The truth behind the affair is revealed. Shin's dad did indeed sleep with Hiromi's father who died of AIDS. Shin's mom demands a divorce. This also explains why Shin is such a faggot.

Episode 12: At the festival, Shin dances and Noe and Hiromi exchange dirty looks. 423 sees this, and pulls Hiromi away to have a serious talk where she tells him she loves Shin, at which point he rapes her. The episode ends with Hiromi crying, watching Shin and Noe walk along the quiet bamboo lined path.

Episode 13: Noe sees Shin screaming at birds and dumps him. Shin's mom moves in with Hirome. Both are disillusioned about men and become lovers. Shin's dad makes official his ongoing relationship with bald worker boy.

tl;dr - Shin ends up with Ai, Noe ends up with Kichi.
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wat abt hiromi's blue haired friend god dammit!
The worker at Shinichiro's house ends with Hiromi, Shinichiro with Ai and Miyokichi with Noe <span class="spoiler" onmouseover="this.style.color='#FFF';" onmouseout="this.style.color=this.style.backgroundColor='#000'" style="color:#000;background:#000"></span>
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I liked the helicopter copypasta better
Shin ends up with Kichi, Noe enters WINcest with Jun, Ai dies in a kitchen fire.
This would be an acceptable ending. I despise the idea of Hiromi ending with #4.
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Following last episode, Noe is still seen standing at the edge of the school building, however the implied suicide plan turns out to be another deranged action, and this time she holds the second chicken up above her head, demanding it fly like Raigomaru, and tossing it into the air. Inevitably, the chicken falls towards the ground and it snaps its neck upon slamming into the ground. Noe quietly stares down at the ground, and then begins to scream at it from up high for not flying.

Meanwhile, Jun has broken into Hiromi's apartment room with the intent of raping her, but instead finds her hugging and begging Shinichiro to take her back, but he jealously interprets it as a private date. Furious, he runs back outside and drives his repaired motorcycle into the house. The impact of the collision immediately kills him, and Shinichiro and Hiromi just barely escape the collapsing house. Enraged, Shinichiro leaves Hiromi to grieve over Jun's dead body, and goes back home.

Hiromi watched Shinichiro leave, and once he is out of sight, summons a helicopter and gets in. The pilot turns out to be Miyokichi, who, enraged at Aiko, plans to drive the helicopter into her restaurant and kill her in a suicide attack. Hiromi pleads for her life to no avail, the helicopter slams into the restaurant and both are killed in a single explosion.
Shinichiro's mother, meanwhile, is still staggering through town in a drunken daze, shouting for Hiromi to appear so that they might be a mother and daughter properly. Seeing Noe's crumpled body on the ground, she assumes she is Hiromi, and pulls out a gun. Noe shrieks for mercy, but Shinichiro's mother fires endlessly, shouting that Hiromi is a slut who has brought shame upon her family. A wild velociraptor runs past and rips the mother's head off.

Meanwhile, at home, Shinichiro is consoled by Aiko, feeling lonely now that Noe has gone insane and Hiromi apparently cared for Jun more than Him. Finally, he is able to see Aiko as someone who has always been by his side, and the episode ends with the two of them having sex.
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Fuck. I can't compete with velociraptors.
Shinichiro ends with Hiromi, Miyokichi with Noe and Ai ends alone for being retarded. Noe's brother could end with Hiromi's friend...
you posted that like 15 minutes ago
File: 1205123967688.jpg (51 KB, 704x396)
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It's just a stupid COPYPASTA dream, /a/.
Admit it, you want your Hiromi or Noe end.

Or I'll pump lead into your eyes and make you "bleed" true tears.
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>Admit it, you want your Hiromi and Noe end.

I read that
harem end
3 at once like mankoto

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