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Break Blade / Broken Blade announcement

As expected, a TV anime was announced for April 2014, but it seems to be a series based on the OVA / movie series. I hope that they at least change the parts that differ too much from the manga.



>TV series

Gonna be shit.
File: title.png (191.16 KB, 470x266)
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it will be mostly the animation of the OVA series... but please please please change the last battle.
why is sigyn complete shit?
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What studio? Same as ova?
File: 1334652281574.jpg (468.08 KB, 1719x1920)
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It is the quartz

Production IG and Xebec, same as the OVAs

There seems to be also a new chapter (68) and a new OVA in the works.
I'm pretty excited, I really liked the[sound of insertion]. The movies were pretty good too.
slightly disguised request for Sigyn pics it seems

here, for you
which one?
File: break_blade_05.jpg (367.23 KB, 1920x1536)
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Does this mean they're cutting it down to 20 episode pieces, or are they going to animate everything all over again?
They are mostly using the OVAs but also reanimating some parts (in b4 1 minute of new animation) and doing a new OVA.
and...chapter 68 is available

let's see if someone will rip the pics...
Should I read the manga or will it just disappoint me?
File: Spoiler Image (171.45 KB, 870x1236)
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171.45 KB PNG

Were the films even a success? I remember they fluctuated from fine to bad.
It's good, but the series suffers a little from the difficulty to distinguish the different mecha and from a slooow release schedule (for example, chapter 67 was released in December, chapter 68 today, chapter 69 probably in April).

some of the best animated mecha battles in recent memory.
12 years old for right, right?
nope, Narvi is a soldier, as is Cleo on the left who is the 12 years old girl.
Looks like NobuFool.
And we all know how that turned out

pretty sure you're fucking blind, bro.
File: cleo.jpg (96.91 KB, 701x400)
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see pic
Hopefully it'll be better than the boring fujo-pandering films.
File: nike.jpg (66.03 KB, 701x400)
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and the 25y old loli
What a slut. I feel sorry for the king.
Ahem. It was the king who had another woman...
Well, Sigyn too, when she slept with Cleo.
All I can ask is why?
The series changed publisher two years ago and perhaps they want to push it somewhat.

Plus, the OVAs are finished and they only need to change few things compared to a whole new series.
I could never finish the movies. For some reason I'd just pause and never return. Maybe the TV series will be better.
English article at ANN:

and someone reuploaded the PV on youtube:

warning: it contains scenes from the whole series and spoils some parts
Wait what? So it's just a rerun of the original movies split into 12 episodes with added scenes?
And the spin-off has no other news?
the only new things mentioned for the TV anime are opening, ending, and a battle with Girge, but I hope that they will change also some parts that are different from the manga.
They have to change the battle with Girge, i cried like a bitch during that part
Are you retarded?

If anything, Break Blade feels more like Escaflowne

I don't really know why the sudden tv series though. Last time I checked the manga was still going with a snails pace so there wasn't nearly enough material to warrant a remake, Brotherhood style.

And the movies followed the source material pretty neatly up until the fifth movie or so. And even then, it didn't deviate that much.
So is it going to be not shit this time?
Fuck those movies were bad.
the series will be let's say 90% equal to the OVAs
So, bumfuck retarded with even worse animation?
Good to know I can skip it.
File: 1368010511746.jpg (22.87 KB, 640x480)
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>that scenery porn

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