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Shinka Nibutani was the victim of cruel bullying and I'm going to post this every day until KyoAni releases an official apology. This is the worst bullying I have ever seen and it was done in comedic effect. It wasn't funny and Shinka didn't deserve that/
>Shinka didn't deserve that

She did.
KyoAni is having some kind of nerd revenge fantasy by having the normal girl get bullied by a nerd.
So beautiful.
KyoAni's response will be to have Shinka an hero.

Also reminder that Satone indirectly ruined everything by showing Dekomori that picture
Shinka should go back full chuuni and win already. Her hidden powerlevel is simply the highest.
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But she has practically no offensive abilities! Preaching love only goes so far, and I wouldn't count on the support of some fairies in battle.
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I hope she does, but only to prove to Deko that she is the true Mori Summers.

After a period where she builds up her trust, and slowly causes friction and distance to develop between her and Rikka, she completely drops the act, and pretends that she doesn't even know who Deko is.

In short, I want to see Deko crushed tenfold for her cruelty to Shinka. It hurt to see that little cunt do something so mean and get away with it, as though it were funny.

I agree with OP.

>But she has practically no offensive abilities!

She does, she's supposed to be the last mage on earth or something. We've just never seen her using her powers. I hope there will be at least one episode in which she goes full chuuni.

>goes full chuuni.

You never go full Chuuni
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We get worse bullying aimed towards MCs and male supports all the time.
In fact we have one in this very show, but you don't see anyone crying bloody murder about him do you.
That explains the love for D-Frag I guess.
File: morinibutani.jpg (222.19 KB, 700x700)
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Shinka had the least retarded Chuuni phase of all Chuunis shown. She even wrote a fucking book, and her Mori Summers get up is actually pretty cute and comparatively understated.

She strikes me as a girl who got really into fantasy novels and mythology, and wanted to make something like of it her own, whereas Rikka, Togashi and Deko seem like hyperweebs that just like to make up cool attack names and mentally choreograph fight scenes in their heads to terrible metal music.

In any case:

>still watching kyoani shows
the last good one they've made was 3 years ago
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Everything KyoAni makes is excellent.

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