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Watching this give me so much second hand embarassment that I take about 40 minutes to watch one episode.

How the fuck, /a/? How this managed to be kinda decent, but almost impossible to watch
It gave me second hand love.
I wish they had left SOME development in instead of completely resetting Dekomori's character. Even if it was just for show. Like having DESS look at the picture she took longingly or something that isn't awful and gay and thought up by me as I write this post
it's a hard show to watch when you have similar regrets of your own. it's mild PTSD for some of us.

once you can watch chunni you'll know that you've grown up. if only a little.
>almost impossible to watch
Try watching School Days, thats an ACTUAL cringe show.
What about the show made you feel this way cause I liked the concept of a high school kid having his LARP past coming back to haunt him before accepting that part of his life and ultimately finding first love from it.
I hope you don't cringe during battle scenes or Rikka's 'evil organization' shit because it's the most boring part of this show
What made this new season so bad is the fact that they almost ignored the first season ending, and all the character development from Rikka and Dekomori.

Despite unnecessary, a new season with Yuuta and Rikka living a normal life wouldn't be that bad. But Rikka seems the same of the first episodes... i'm watching just to see how it is going to end. Zero hype, this new season don't deserve more than 5 (or maybe 6 if it gets better later) in MAL.
I thought that they left implied development. In terms of the ending I think it was Deko trying to push Shinka to the edge and cone to terms with her chuuni past which Shinka seemingly isnt ready for yet, but both developed in terms of their character attributes and how they actually do care for one another on a best friends like level.
>couple for 6 months
>"can I hold your hand?"
Yeah OP I totally understand you
OP here. This kinda makes sense, as I feel second hand embarassment pretty easily, not only watching Chuuni. Though, I'm not the only one who feels this way watching this show, so I don't know.

No, the battle scenes feel pretty fine. The problem is at the scenes where some character feels awkward/embarassment or something like that. For example, the Dekomori's speech from last episode, I took about 10 minutes to watch that.
>Watching this give me so much second hand embarassment
Then it's working as intended.
>For example, the Dekomori's speech from last episode
I just paused for a few seconds
Why are people there so sensitive
i used to do most of the shit in this , makes me feel nostalgia more than anything

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