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I just noticed the bumps on satoko...
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Lol, we've already been over this anon.
Rika rolls that way.
where the anti-crazy shots go.
I think this arc will be on season 3.
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yes, Satoko is mine, your point?

Alice would hold Satoko closely, tightly, her little sister wrapped up in her arms while she softly weeps tears of happiness and sadness, thinking about the years lost between them as she holds her little sis as close as she can to her, thinking only of how much she loves this poor little girl, how close she feels to her seperated sister.

Satoko would huddle close to Alice's chest, crying because no one has ever loved her like Alice, burying her face into her robes, wanting only the feeling of someone who really, truly loves her holding her tightly, pressing her against her warm body, hugging her and telling her everything was going to be alright, that she had a big sister who loved her more than anything and would protect her from anyone who would hurt her.

At night, even if Satoko was scared, Alice would lovingly cuddle her to sleep, stroking her hair and whispering how wonderful it is to have a little sister like Satoko into her ears. They would hold eachother, and in the morning wake up feeling nothing but overwhelming joy at being able to be so close together.

Every so often, Satoko wouldn't be able to contain it, and would hug Alice as tightly as she could, pressing close and squeezing tight. Alice would hug back just as vigorously. One or the other would shed a tear of sheer joy.

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