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Are there any decent ongoing anime series atm? i was told d gray man is an alright time killer? or is it another bleach...
the anime is fail the manga is win
Forget watching animes, go find a forum to post in instead.

You sound like you'd fit right in at Gaia Online! ^______^
How doe sit make anon feel that Gaia Online is bigger than the whole of 4chan? It depresses me.
wtf has this got to do with gaia online.. i was just asking if their was any decent recent animes to get into..
D. Gray Man sounds like it would be right up your alley, OP
they're both shit
stick around a while, see what people are talking about, and figure it out
It's another Bleach. Which is to say, a decent time killer.

oh right you can tell what i like just because i asked a question right? is /a/ always full of faggots or am i posting at the wrong time of month for you?


looks like ima have to do that

thanks :) first real answer.
and that is why you fail
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Be sure to look up which episodes are filler and skip them.
/a/ doesn't like it when people don't bother to lurk and then show up asking for recommendations.

But I'm in a good mood so...
Kaiji - best of the lot and one of /a/'s favorite shows, along with Akagi
True Tears
Hakaba Kitarou (I got bored and dropped this but it was still good)
Aria the Origination
Spice and Wolf

This season is just about over and it as a whole it was mediocre. The next season is looking much more promising.

my fault, but thanks for recommendations
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This Anon knows his shit.

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