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We could have had Cowboy Bebop S2 instead. Or maybe a reboot of Cowboy Bebop.

Space Dandy is boring as fuck.
Posting in a Space Dandy thread.
>Posting in a Space Dandy thread.
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>Cowboy Bebop S2
>Cowboy Bebop reboot
Are you fucking retarded?
Dandy really does suck. Everyone hyped it something fierce but when the time came it just sucked. The first episode was literally nothing. The second was just boring. I've heard the third is better but at this point it really didn't deserve another chance.
>Posting a Space Dandy thread.
>Wanting a season 2 to ruin the integrity of the original
>Not wanting fresh ideas instead of milking old series for all they're worth

Truly you people are worse than Hitler.
I'm enjoying it more than Bebop. You guys overrate that series a wee bit.
>fresh ideas
>just a faggot austin power with 70's space ridiculous plot and shitty music direction
Even an average SoL shit is less fucking boring
How can you have an S2 when spike is dead?
>Bebop season 2 featuring the adventures of Jet and Faye after the loss of Spike

Holy shit that would be fucking terrible
>>implying Spike died.
>point out to faggots who think every show that isn't moe is good
>faggot get asshurt and put "moe=good" in your mouth
movie is not canon
maybe if Jet beat the shit out of faye and went on adventures with Ed.
I don't care that Watanabe said he wanted it to be ambiguous. All signs point to Spike being dead. There's nothing in that scene which implies that he might be saved. Him not dying would make the ending completely shit and go against what had been set up previously.
Your fault for letting your judgement be clouded by hype. I'm enjoying the visuals and the interactions between the characters, as well as the lighthearted fun that, while it's predictable at times, has been steadily growing in quality since the first episode.

Also, episode 05 was really warm to see.

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