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Where the fuck is my Magi? Why is CR so damn shit this season?
Magi comes out on Tuesday now.
What the fuck? Isn't there anyone that can stop these fuckers from delaying everything?
blame Daiz for CR killing fansubbing
Why are there no images of Mor with slutty overdone makeup? Her face was made for it and I'd certainly like this show better, maybe pick it back up.
there's a raw out though
can't someone pick it up?
The other groups releasing it uses the script from CR I think
yeah thats what I meant by pick it up.
pick up the translation, not just the rip
Source for this?

>Simulcast on Tuesdays 9:30am GMT
Fucking shit...
CR has always been shit.
Yes I know you're talking about release times.
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It was pretty bad episode anyways. Animation was all over the place.
You had like two episodes last week. Quit your whining. That, or learn moonrunes.
Is that just the subs, or the actual episodes? Isn't there another group subbing it anyways?
Only the subs.
>You had like two episodes last week
was a double ep but cr aired 2nd part tuesday
watch episode 17
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you can still read the manga on mondays (if they translate it on time)
Still no chinese raws?
what chapter is anime at
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Mogamett's seiyuu has been fucking awesome with how he acted out his character so far.
They came out yesterday.
The same pereson that translate the extras did the Magi Encyclopedia Translation


There is an interesting interview with the mangaka
For example Ren Kouen was actually a request from her editor to make a character opposing Sinbad and Yunan was supposed to look like a middle aged man

[ How to create charming characters ]

How are the characters in “magi created?

O: When I create characters for manga, I often think them up as a set of two or three characters. In “Magi’s” case, I thought up Aladdin and Alibaba together. At the time, I hadn’t even decided their names and started with their personalities. Afterwards I named them Aladdin and Alibaba, and with Alibaba the world of “Magi’s” motif became “The Arabian Night.” Among them is of course the famous story of “Alibaba and the 40 Thieves” which is where I got the idea to have him be part of a bandit group. And Aladdin’s flute that has Ugo-kun is the lamp that had to be rubbed to have the djinn come out in the original story.

It seems like your progress went by fast.

O: That’s right. I decide it all at once and write by seeing how the character’s relationships go.

O: I think it’s the worst when you line up your characters and there are two that have the same personalities next to each other, so I try to avoid that. I created Aladdin, then Alibaba, and tried to include Morgianna naturally. I made her a bit more calm so there’s more balance between her and Aladdin and Alibaba, who are more cheerful. I try to get that balance with the other characters too. Like, if wouldn’t be good if they were all idiots or straight-men…right?

So you create this character because another is like that to build their relationship. Do you choose their gender by trying to balance things too?

O: There are lots of times that I don’t decide their gender until the last minute. It’s not decided even after I decide their personalities. Aladdin was supposed be a girl until I changed it last minute and I had the idea that Sindbad was female too. I loved Shiina Takashi’s “Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!!” since I was young and I’ve always had it in my mind to create a manga with female protagonist. The manga I drew up until now had lots of female characters, but in “Magi’s” case my editors revised it well to be more of a shonen manga. Sindbad always had a largehearted personality, but it’s not like he would have been introduced naked if he were still a woman. Also his name is from “Arabian Nights” but their personalities and abilities are different. But the fact he’s a king with subordinates is from “Arabian Nights.” Masrur was supposed to be a black swordsman, the Dark Continent was supposed to be like Africa, and so Morgianna became a Fanalis too… Ja’far was a prime minister and made that culture, and I ignored half of his original backstory and took the other half.
After that do you create the characters that support the story?

O: The Eight Generals was just Sindbad, Ja’far and Masrur and then I thought up the other six at the same time. Like Kougyoku was part of the Kou Empire group, so there’s Judar, and then Kakoubun next to her. There’s a core person in the group and then I try to create who would be fun characters around them. The core person is always the first person to be introduced. And then I try to think of a good team that would suit them.

Their names are from “Arabian Nights” but when you create other characters, do you base them off anyone? For example, a real life handsome celebrity?

O: Based off a real person… that hasn’t really happened. I do base them off animals though. When I try to decide their appearance, I think of how an animal would look as a person. And some characteristics aren’t limited to their appearance. Like Morgianna jumping around and leaping is similar to a rabbit, or Judar’s hair is supposed to look like a scorpion’s tail. Kougyoku has a butterfly on her hairpin but her hair is also supposed to look like wings. I don’t draw them with literal animal ears or tails but I try to make them fit the image I have in my head while not being too literal. Although lately, I’ve been running out of ideas. Ren Kouen was actually a request from my editor to make a character opposing Sindbad. He was actually created right after the third volume. He wasn’t able to appear immediately though. I tried to make him have more Asian features. Also he’s not supposed to be very well-kept… I try to draw a handsome guy that’s not really handsome, kinda defiant. Any of my characters are defiant of something in my mind.
>the Dark Continent was supposed to be like Africa, and so Morgianna became a Fanalis too…
We were this close to having a brown girl for Mor.
I couldn't help but think the Kou characters are characters from a Fushigi Yuugi spinoff.
And Female Sinbad
CR has had a bunch of simulcasts delayed.
After the leaks of KlK, Coppelion and Chuu2 Ren the nips have been delaying simulcasts to try to stop them
Well, that means the only ones you can blame is yourselves.
Aladdin Q&A
Q: You’re always so cheerful, but what is the source of that cheerfulness?
A: Delicious food and pretty, kind ladies! As a magi, I have to travel a lot and sometimes it gets pretty tough. But if there are pretty ladies with me, then I feel like I can get through anything.
Q: Do you like ladies… because you’re purely seeking out a mother’s touch?
A: I don’t really know, but I love soft ladies. I also love books that have lots of ladies in them. Ufufu. It was really funny when I showed it to Ugo-kun and he got all embarrassed. Ufufufufu.
Q: What do you honestly think of Alibaba, who’s a late bloomer with the ladies?
A: Ummm, Let’s see. Well Alibaba-kun is Alibaba-kun.
Q: Huh? What do you mean by that?
A: Alibaba-kun isn’t a late bloomer because he wants to be. How do I say this… in other words… he’s just not popular.
Q: His looks aren’t bad, and he’s a nice person too so why…?
A: Yeah. But when he’s around girls, he gets carried away and fails most of the time. In other words he’s just the unfortunate type… I wish for him to try harder and become happy.
Q: What is the line between “mister (onii-san)” and “uncle (oji-san)” for you?
A: It’s not like there’s a clear-cut line… but how he looks and his aura? Like, Sindbad oji-san (age 31) and Kouen oji-san (age 29) are both really cool but I’m a bit too far in age to call them “onii-san.” Ah, but women will always be “onee-san!”
Alibaba Saluja
Birthplace: Balbadd Kingdom
Position: Former third prince of Balbadd
Age: 19
Height: 168cm
Weight: 64kg
Family: Two older step-brothers
Specialty: Royal swordplay
Hobby: Commerce (trading business)
Favorite Food: Roasted whole Papagoras birds
Disliked Food: Nothing
Type: His girlfriend (He’s never had one)
Disliked Type: Muscular No. 1 Hostess
How they like to spend their days off: Reading Sindbad’s adventures, writing his own adventures
Worries: Balbadd
Weakness: Gains weight easily

Ohtaka Shinobu Q&A
Q: Was Alibaba’s first kiss taken by Elizabeth?
A: First of all, we don’t know if that was his first kiss However, since Elizabeth is the no. 1 hostess, she probably wouldn’t do anything that he really didn’t want.
Alibaba Q&A:
Q: What is the thing you want most?
A: Let’s see…. “love” I suppose.
Q: There are different types of love, like unconditional love for humanity or a respectful kind of love?
A: Of course I mean “romantic love!” I don’t want lots of love but I want just one person to fall in love with me!! Because of the stuff that happened between my mom and dad a long time ago, I want to give my all in making just that special one happy. Do you understand!?
Q: Y-yes. You sure are passionate.
A: That’s just how serious I am.
Q: In other words, you want to be popular?
A: That’s separate from what I’m talking about! Just because I want a girlfriend, doesn’t mean I’m gonna throw away my desire to be cool and popular! Doesn’t that go for any man!?
Q: Simply put, you “want to be popular?”
A: …..yes (quietly)
Q: Are you on good terms with your djinn, product of love Amon?
A: Yeah, I have a good relationship with Amon. Even though he nags every time I see him and it’s gross that he gets all jealous even though he’s an old man, he’s still my important partner I got from the first dungeon I conquered!! We’ve gone through tough times together so you could say our hearts are connected. Personally, I would have been happier with a female djinn!
Q: A grandma djinn?
A: No, no, no!! Not an old lady, but a young, cute lady djinn!! No problems if she was sexy too!!
(Sword glows as if it’s angry)
A: Ugh!! I’m sorry Amon!! It’s not that I have any problems with you!! Thank you for always being with me!!
Q: You sound like a man that’s committed adultery.
A: Y- you’re wrong!! (cries)
Q: This has been Alibaba who’s not popular with the ladies but popular with other living beings.
A: Don’t end it like this!! (sob)
When is Amon going to give birth?
When you'll expect it the least.
the fuck? he gave birth to morgiana's household vessel in zagan's dungeon
I thought Hatsuyuki did their own subs, but it seems they just re-encode CR/Horriblesubs shit and add OP/ED lyrics.

That means we'll have to wait until CR releases the episode.
Are we EVER going to see another dungeon crawl?

Is Alibaba EVER going to get another vessel as a power up.

Seems the Djinn equip really makes any subsequent dungeon crawl trivial since you're essentially a Djinn yourself.
Didn't Amon forbid him from getting more djinns?
Which chapter? I'm rusty.

Oh, it's even after he merged with Cassim for magoi increase and he's still not a special one.
It's not like having another djinn would make him much stronger
Didn't the magoi increase happen when their rukh merged?

Still it doesn't mean he's going to conquer another dungeon
Alibaba household is so shitty ( aside from Morgiana and Toto) He has barely been around Olba and he's already a Household Vessel user
File: VMP11qatqh7o6_12.jpg (261.68 KB, 700x1145)
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261.68 KB JPG
I actually like it pushed back to Tuesdays since so many shows already come out on Sunday.

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