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I know I'm late as hell but damn, this episode was great.
what? I liked the other episodes but the zombie episode was really bad. Some of the animation in that episode was exceptionally bad and I almost fell asleep when the fucking narrator just went on and on for 15 minutes. Sure it wasnt complete shit but I hope they redeem themselves in the next episode.
Really? I felt it's one of the freshest zombie related anything I've seen in the last few years. I admit the second half was pretty slow but it was consistently funny, especially the last couple minutes.
I liked the ideas behind the episode but I just didnt like the execution of it. I thought there were funny ideas but they didnt quite hit the nail on the head.
Fair enough, I'll admit the animation was pretty terrible but it sure didn't stop me from enjoying the episode.

I wasn't here when it aired though, but I'm gonna guess most of /a/ thought it was sub-par as well.
Isn't the new episode a bit too early?
It seems that way yes. Schedules have been crazy inconsistent this season for a lot of shows.
In what way? It was just a horrendously boring laundry list of the same jokes you see in every zombie comedy.
awww come on, it had its flaws, yes. But I take this anyday over the infamous matrixboobs.

I dont feel as satisfied with the other dandy's episodes, but it was cool enough.

Maybe the slow pacing wanted us to reflect how would it be to become a zombie.

and to live in a universe filled with those.

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