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I just finished reading the manga Deadman Wonderland

I liked it
Why did redman do it?
Did Renton survive?
hey I don't want to spoiler it for anons
I think "the red man" did it because "the red man" was jealous of ganta's classmates being ganta's friends when he'd forgotten about "the red man", and, crazy "the red man" wanted ganta to have the power to fulfill "the red man"'s wishthe red man's wish was to diethe red man is ShiroShiro apparently had dual personalities, yet in the end said both halves were the same and there was only one Shiro. So I'm thinking that something changed in the later part of the story because there's no way she was in complete control of both halves in the beginning. I mean, toto or someone mentioned something about Shiro's disability to not feel pain starting to fade away. And Shiro created her split personality to remove herself from the pain. So I think when toto, or whoever it was, said that Shiro was beginning to feel pain again, that was when her split personalities started to come back together. Except... In the last chapters when Shiro is recalling that gramp's memories, as gramps mentions ganta's name, Shiro ran off crying to Ganta. To slaughter his class. Tears of jealousy I guess? It's confusing.
I don't remember who Renton is
Go watch Eureka 7
Ren-chon survived, it's okay.
lol anon so Renton isn't even from DW, anon you so crazy

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