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I want to remind you that Legend of the Galactic Heroes has been fucking overhyped these days. Just because the show has a massive atmosphere does not mean a damn thing. The animation was weak as hell for a while, there are like 100 characters that are forgettable except for the major ones. Reinhard is mostly a Gary Stu. The narrator even spoils a future plot change by strongly hinting, and you guys hail it as one of the greatest anime of all time. What a crock of shit. You Elitist fanboys are just as fucking annoying as the other fandoms and they usually are chill for liking certain shows. I actually enjoyed Legend of the Galactic Heroes myself but it never gave me the impression to be butthurt because it didn't get the massive recognition that some fans think it deserves. Also, Reinhard is one of the most overrated Anime characters I have ever seen in my life. He wants to conquer the fucking universe because of corruption and for the sake of his sister. That's all fine...But he wants to have a fucking war and win in the end just so he can acheive his goal. That to me sounds way too far-fetched yet everyone thinks he's such a great character. When Yang gets assassinated, he got butthurt. I don't hate the show, I just had some issues with it.

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