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People that like tsundere girls fall in to one of two categories.

1. They have such crippling self esteem issues that they believe the only way they can find happiness is if they can work their way through the layers of abuse it takes to get to the dere side. They cannot simply start a happy relationship because they believe the only way they can have one is if they actively earn it.

2. They are so delusional and full of themselves that they believe the girls in middleschool that picked on them secretly wanted their dick, and tsundere archetypes in anime helps validate this fantasy world.

Prove me wrong.
I'm sure no expert, but I don't think thinking you have to earn a fulfilling, happy relationship is equal to self esteem issues. Hard working, goal oriented types would think the same.
The second isn't impossible. Unlikely sure, but taking out sexual tension in puberty years on the opposite sex with bullying or teasing is common. Your logic isn't flawed in the regard that it's self confirmation, though, and that is probably the appeal to some.
There's a difference between working hard once you're in a relationship, and working hard to get the girl to not be a cunt to you to start the relationship.
While I'll agree it's common to tease or pick on the opposite sex as your growing up because you're unable to approach them in any other way. There's there's a huge difference between being abrasive, and being abusive/malicious.
I notice your categories have three points, two you said: tsundere, abuse; and one you didn't: the self-insert being abused by the tsundere.

The tsundere is a symptom. The abuse an effect. It's the sickness, the self-insert, that's the real problem.
Oh, so I take it you don't like the idea of people who think taking abuse from the opposite sex that you're in a relationship is fine.
Well, you can blame that whole chemical reaction called love for that if you want. Unless you take a more practical approach to how people find romance, you can't simply state that everyone attracted to a malicious woman must be lacking esteem or have a huge ego.
Actually, you used the term 'like', so I guess you're assuming this is all from the perspective of someone who isn't actually in one/actually looking for one, in which case it's sound.
Difference between being abrasive and abusive/malicious isn't a line strictly observed or respected by children, mind. Bullies often think that everyone's having fun in the end and they're just the big man everyone respects. It's not so different with women. It's just how people tend to vent in social situations.
I never said everyone attracted to a malicious woman must be lacking self esteem. If you fall in love with someone that turns out to be a total cunt, that's a lot different that falling in love with someone who is a total cunt to start off with.

Captcha; American values
Yeah, hence where I noted you said like and make that supposition.
But you seem to be insinuating that someone can't have self-worth and be attracted to someone they know is a cunt. What if they're both cunts? Or he thinks he can dick the cunt out of her? Well, if they just stood there and took the shit with no retort or retaliation they'd be a spineless clingy coward. But that's an after the fact that has do with what's observed of the male's actions, more to do with tsunderes existing.
I mean, on a principle factor, you have a point that liking something that's instrinsically abusive says things about your character. If somebody liked all tsunderes on the principle of being tsunderes, that is. But being attracted to someone who's like that? It's not all sound reason where your dick points.
So if you meant to use this as a means to walk into a thread praising tsunderes/the archtype as ammo, it'd work. Not so much if you go into a thread that happens to have a tsundere as its OP.
I like the IDEA of tsundere because it's cute when someone who is normally a bit of a violent bitch reveals a sweet loving side especially when it completely blindsides the poor bastard.

Bonus points if eventually she stops being abusive completely and just sticks to insults.

Oh look, I fall into neither one of your categories.
op is tsundere for tsundere girls
Okay freud, whats your diagnosis of the other side of this archetype coin, yandere?
The only thing I legitimately loath about tsundere, is people using the term to denote anybody who shows they hate something, but aren't killing their guardians/ruining their lives/making their sibling cut off their arm/making them into a soul parasite for the rest of their lives.
And even then people are going to make doujins of it.
what about yandere?
I don't like tsunderes because they usually over do the tsun-tsun in favour of the eventual dere dere. Kirino is what I call a failed tsundere, someone who stayed tsun-tsun for way too long. In fact most tsunderes suffer from this problem, with Taiga being a rare exception since the Christmas episode was nicely placed to make her seem like less of a cunt.

I prefer kuuderes myself.
Tsundere can be really stupid sometimes. First she beats the shit/being offensive to the guy she loves and then complaining how the said guys doesn't recognize her feelings.

Also, tsundere tend to be unreasonable person in general, most of the time they hate MC for no apparent and legit reason.
You're implying that every tsundere is like that shitty abusive stunted blonde bitch with the personality of a retarded neckbeard. that alone proves that your theory is wrong
Yandere is great for people with trust issues.
Some people are just super-M. I asked one anon why he liked Narusagawa and he said he wanted her to abuse him. It makes sense if you think about it that way, those kinds of tsundere never go full dere so you have a girl who loves you but also satisfies your fetish.
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I can confirm the appeal.
I can also confirm that it's doubly the wrong choice because yanderes want you for very selfish reasons and will betray you and lie to you as often as it takes to turn you into their personal meat puppet. Speaking on a principle basis.
If you've got a case of this, just go full pic related. You're obviously already there, and no amount of fantasizing is going to save you.

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