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I'm guessing everyone dropped this after the third episode because of pic related? To be honest, it was really to kill them off in the same episode , and the photo after made me a little sick.
Even then, it made me a little happy that Canada got representation. No idea why Phillipines-kun was so intent on giving her a banana, though.
At least the characters seem cool so far.
really dumb*
Most people probably dropped it either to some questionable character designs/terrible power designations (Galileo/Newton, respectively or because apparently they have such a harsh dislike of the OP they can't just skip it instead of not watching.

In any case, there are a few people still enjoying the show, including myself. I just hope that there's enough time to properly explain everything given that there's only 13 episodes. It could either feel rushed as hell or feel like nothing happened.

For me, it was in episode 1, when Ghandi yelled "I'll fight, too!"

And Newton did a lot more with optics than with gravity. It's just that gravity is what you'd associate with him if you had a 4th-grade knowledge of historical personages.

Show's just too dumb to watch.
Alot of people are still watching.
This. A thousand times this.
>Caring about useless background characters.
File: 1390149321278.jpg (102.24 KB, 1920x1080)
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>I'm guessing everyone dropped this after the third episode because of pic related?
Well, it's not like Ghandi was against fighting itself, just violence and what it wreaks. He was fighting for a change, just without that. I suppose it does sound wrong, though.
As for Newton I kind of assumed they didn't showcase or learn all their powers, because having 'make shit you step on heavier' as your only skill is probably the most jobber worthy skill I've seen in a shounen. You could be right though, I haven't read the manga or anything.
It's not that. It's that they had all of an episode to be introduced and were killed off at the end. It was really cheap on the whole, either as a development tool or anything else. 'Do your best and fight those aliens!' Then they just drop off for the sake of finding resolve for the MC.
It wouldn't be too hard to make it a bit more believable.
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He got her for that.

If you think this show is shit, you don't enjoy fun.
Anyone who dropped before ep4 is missing out.
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>No idea why Phillipines-kun was so intent on giving her a banana, though.
>Bananas are related to penis jokes
He was trying to get her to agree to let Flips give her the D. It's the only logical thing to do with hot Japanese girls.
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File: omake_05_11.jpg (114.69 KB, 526x768)
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Hahaha, what
This is too strange to be depressing
Just finished ep 4. I want to ravage Nobu's body so brutally that she cries like a little a bitch. That is all.
This is weird and you should feel bad
I do feel bad because I'm here with an erection that nothing can satisfy and no new episode to rub my dick on the monitor every time she's on the screen. Somehow she reminds me of Aoi from Coppelion.
Can you please post all the NobunaBUTT pictures you have please onegaisemas!
Search the archive.
Why would I drop it cause some people died?

I'd drop it cause it's generic shit. but then again, I want to see more of Jack, so I won't.
but I dont want to do that
File: 1351688733791.png (145.77 KB, 380x347)
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145.77 KB PNG
>No idea why Phillipines-kun was so intent on giving her a banana, though

You know why.
Damnit anon, you're out of control.
File: 1390335396989.jpg (56.46 KB, 1280x720)
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56.46 KB JPG
I want to push my face deep between her buttcheeks, then give her a sloshing wet rimjob while pushing on her stomach to force her to fart right into my mouth.
File: give.jpg (57.83 KB, 426x559)
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How dare they imply something completely true_ about another people.
Its been amusingly entertaining so far. It hasn't grabbed me the way log horizion or madoka has, or even strike the blood, but I'm willing to see it through to the end.

Making the main character female was an interesting choice, but needs some work to pull it off perfectly. And the death of the hurricane hunters, whilst understandable as a thing that was going to happen, happened far too soon to have an appreciable impact.

And the photo thing was just creepy. Especially since it was clear that the breasts had been "enhanced". Fairly sure that's sexual harassment in the workplace.

Also, I have no idea who they are trying to ship the main character with—Jack or classmate girl. Well, she could be bisexual, but it feels like its just a thing that's been tacked on, like that the wanted her to have a normal, safe, lesbian relationship at home, then realised that she and jack have chemistry and now it's a bit of a mess.

Overall, its good, but it should be much better than it is. As long as it has a better ending than blue steel, I'm happy.
Too much information anon. I liked the picture though. Got any gifs?
File: 1388956003458.jpg (217.76 KB, 1907x951)
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Sadly no, I hunt these from the archive.

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