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Deal /a/,

I just watched this.

Besides nice clouds, this is shit right?

Or is it too deep for me?

No I'm pretty sure this is shit.
It's awesome. Not deep either. You just suck.
Sure, it's a deal.
Beyond the clouds?...I just downloaded this.

Downloaded HD version 1900x1080.
Aahha same here, still looking for a time to watch it
No, it's good. It has a lot of flaws but it's still decent.

I prefer 5 Centimeters per Second, though. And She and Her Cat is a great short.
it dragged at times, but it was quite good.

What kind of monitor do you guys have?
I'm a pussy but I didn't baaawww at all for this. It just wasn't sad...I mean kinda corny and shit. Beautiful though.
He isn't called SHITkai for nothing.
I found the plot a bit ridiculus.

And there was too much foreshadowing and not enough delivery.

What exactly is there to baw about?

The clouds. OH GOD, THE CLOUDS.
That movie wasn't supposed to be sad, but it was great.
Well clearly it was supposed to be something, but I came away feeling empty

I find it kind of choppy though, when ever I try to play it; does anyone else have this problem too?


Oh, I have use a projector. 108 inches diagonally.
Dat sum CP?
File: 1205118217752.jpg (170 KB, 887x491)
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HD shit is still shit
File: 1205118327439.jpg (386 KB, 2400x900)
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Mine's only 720p. Which is fine because my TV is only 1360x768.

If it's choppy, and the video is encoded in h.264, use coreavc+cccp (make sure you deselect h.264 from ffdshow box in cccp setting and set process priority to higher than normal. If that doesn't work, upgrade your computer.

Since so many of you liked it, I guess this is just one of those movies I don't get. I liked Hoshi no Koe more than this.

Mind you it's beautiful shit.
File: 1205118392065.jpg (214 KB, 1600x1090)
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Thanks, will do.
>this is shit right?

Confucius say: opinions are like assholes; everybody has one.

IOW: no, it's not shit. You might not like it; it's not exactly the kind of film which is aiming to set box-office records.

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