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What subs should I get for D-frag? HS sucks.
How would you translate ハイテンションでハイなハイタッチ, then, bearing in mind that the main point of the song is that it uses lots of rhyming words and repetition to achieve a certain effect?
I wasn't using that as an example I just like that part of the op, sorry. I would've removed the subs before posting but they're hard subs.
You have only 2 other options and one is even highlighted for being the best quality.

You should know which group you prefer anyway both being very familiar names unless you're new. Funi rips for this show are extra horrible looking though, it surprises me how they can fuck up so badly so often and that people pay for it.
>is even highlighted for being the best quality.
Where? I get my shit off TT.
>You should know which group you prefer anyway
I usually go with HS for most things because I'm lazy, fuck Commie, and they usually aren't bad. But in this case...
Wait what why does a HS series have the OP?
The place where most people would assume I'm talking about when highlighted for best quality has been mentioned / anime torrents in general.

There's quite a few places you can get shit, but whatever. I got what I wanted.

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