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Can this really get more stupid than already is?

>girl leaves the school grounds, gets into trouble and gets innocent people involved
>she is sent to the novice class because of her behavior
>she leaves the school grounds again

Not just that. The whole last episode was retarded as hell. Supposedly there's a war out there but MC-kun and his friends thought they were going to be alright.

>muh Nii-san
>but muh Mui

I feel sorry for the author. What are your thoughts? I think I'm only watching it for Momo-tan.
Watching for mui
>people clearly make logical decisions in real life.

I think you too, are retarded.
dat witch in the preview was goin shit crazy, man
Yeah. She is supposed to be the fortune teller, right?
I watching it for Kurumi. Feels bad man.

I heard she wins in the LN, but they're probably going for an anime original end.
Why the fuck are you complaining about how retarded it is now? This reminds me of watching Chrome Shelled Regios. If you're watching it just for one moe character, but acknowledge that the entire show is beyond stupid, then learn to use the fast forward button for the scenes where the girl of interest does not appear on screen. Seriously, no one else has ever done this? I think I must have only watched 30% of the total content of Yosuga no Sora because I didn't give a single fuck about any of the other girls except bestcest.
I mean if you're a well-educated magic user and you firmly believe that your brother is under mind control, then shouldn't you have a plan to either undo the hypnosis, or to disable him so he can be brought to someone who can undo hypnosis. You wouldn't actually think you can just talk him out of it, right?
So why is Dr ver in this show? Is he going to do a lot of silly faces in this show too?
>You wouldn't actually think you can just talk him out of it, right?
Thats.... usually what snaps them out of it, yes.
Gilgamesh is the best character in this show
The rest is a fucking joke and retards all over the place

This pretty much.
I dropped it when I realised that it wasn't going to be focusing on some mega postapocalyptic wizard war, but instead be a crappy Harry Potter clone.

I mean, I like Potter as much as the next guy, but we don't need to turn everything into "magical adventures in boarding school". It's stale and boring unless you take the time to chart the characters progress through the years—something which is clearly not going to happen here. Heck, I reckon we will be lucky to get any character development more advanced than choosing which girl to fuck–and I can't bring myself to care about either of them.

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