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Hi /a/! I don't usually come here although i do have a liking for anime. I was wondering if you could help me find the name of an anime movie i watched years ago. I've tried searching the scenes on google but i've had no luck. Here are some of the scenes I remember from the movie.
1. Soldiers were in a town square (i believe this was a futuristic/post apoc movie). They end up getting into a shootout with rebels or something I dont remember but they all end up laying dying in the middle of the town square. The boy (main protagonist) goes to finish them off but is stopped by a girl who throws herself in front of them.
2. The boy (same as before) is in some mech and gets stuck underneath sand. However he gets saved by people in some sandcrawler like vehicle with a crane on it.
3. The girl (same as before) is captured by the main villians of the story. Some of them might have been priests in red cloaks or something i don't remember. She has some plant controlling powers and ends up infecting them with vines and shit. I remeber one of the villians ripping the vine infections out of his arm. I think the priests may have been laughing though when they got infected. Anyway i remember her growing into some giant plant monster thing but she is saved by the boy.
If any of you could help me with this that would be great. I'd love to see this movie again. pic not related
Tonari no Totoro
How long ago did you watch it, exactly? Was it new back then?
haha very funny
it might have been 6-7 years ago. I think it was new back then but i cant remember. I got it from the library and i think it was on the new movies shelf but then again my library always got movies much later than when they came out
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i cant find anything called this on google
nah wasnt sekirei. and besides /r/ is all porn requests anyway
There are four other links and that really isn't any of our concern.
i looked at the four other links as well. i'm just asking for some help.
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Thanks everyone but i eventually found it by going through 40 something post apocalyptic movies on animeplanet it was Green Legend Ran

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