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So /a/, i've been really getting into anime recently. I've dabbled in the past but nothing really stuck to me. I've watched it all on Netflix so my options are limited. I've most recently watched Girls Bravo! and Sekireim the latter of which I deeply enjoyed. Can /a/ recommend anything really good or something similar to what i've seen?

When I was younger, I also watched whatever was on Toonami. I don't lurk /a/ at all so I don't know the opinion on it, but it's still there.
really targeting the animes that're 100% sex appeal eh op?
Those two were just the most recent I've seen. I don't NECESSARILY go for sex appeal, but it doesn't hurt :3
Speaking of which, I also saw Ikki Tousen... :/
boku no pico always gave me a hard on.
I'll check it out.
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>Ikki Tousen
you're 3 for 3 nigga 100% sex appeal
haruhi, madoka, steins gate....and if you like sex stuff, watch b gata h kei
I know. I'm in a weird spot in my life right now.

The thing is though, I know Ikki Tousen was loosely (not so loosely?) based on the The Era of Three Kingdoms in China and that period of time really draws me in. I came for the story, and stayed for the boobs.
I'll keep them in mind.
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Speaking of streaming Anime

>Look through Hulu on my Wii U just out of curiosity
>High School DxD and Korean Zombie are available to stream

Boy are the kids sure in for a surprise
i see, judging based off your sexy ass animes i'd say go mysterious girlfriend x for maximum fetish fuel.
Don't forget to check bible black too ;)
>tfw OP watched the same first two anime I did.

Still won't stop you from getting b8.
It's really dawning on me that I may have jaded tastes in anime. I really liked Sekirei because of the story, regardless of my track record. If I can, i'd like to pull away from the all-sex-appeal animes and get into something good or funny.

One of my favorite animes I watches was Hare and Guu. My sister and I really got into that.

There was another anime I remember watching that I just cannot remember the name of. All I can gather is that there were two girls in a futuristic time. They worked for an agency and were extremely adept at martial arts. The most I can remember of one of the girls is that one was young, short, had a shadowy background, and had white, curly hair. I realize the just how vague and general that description is but that's all I can gather. Also, they both wore blue, the younger one in a dress.
Listen, its best not to ake any of /a/'s advice when it comes to anime. I made the same thread 4 years ago and the best piece of advice I got was lurk more.

/a/ discuses a lot of anime, if you see something you like, just google it and watch it on your own.
I'll see to it.
I've been doing that and I have a few animes listed, but I wanted an outside opinion. A lot can change in four years too.
>I've watched it all on Netflix so my options are limited.
>I don't lurk /a/ at all so I don't know the opinion on it, but it's still there and i'm going to make a request thread here anyway.
Oh, I see! So you are saying you know you can go fuck yourself and get out? That's good! Now we don't have to say it.
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/a/ is just as hostile to new comers as it was 4 years ago.

Making threads like this you will occasionally get a nice guy, but the rest will recommend you terrible anime.
That's just 4chan as a whole. Usually, I can get enough relevant posts to call a thread successful.

4chan just loves their niches.
File: 1390892713378.jpg (68.72 KB, 755x781)
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I'm just telling you its better to lurk if you want to find good anime to watch.
I would recommend Samurai Champloo and Baccano!
I'm gathering that. Thanks.
Thanks, I'll check them out.
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But that said, just because you tried OP I think you should really have a look at Boku no Pico, download link is at the bottom of http://animu-mango.wikia.com/wiki/Boku_no_Pico

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