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Alright, /a/. I've never been here before because based on my limited Anime experience, I'd have no idea what yall are talking about nor anything to offer to a discussion. And of what I've seen of Anime, I haven't cared for most of it.

That said, I'm willing to try some new stuff and I figure you fine people can offer up some suggestions.

I suppose the best thing to say is I really enjoyed Death Note up until L died. I wanted him to die, a lot. But when he did the show failed to be as interesting. Not sure why I'm spoiler tagging this, I assume all of you have seen what I assume to be a very mainstream anime.

Anywho, some of the other ones I've seen parts of are:
-Soul Eater
-Black Butler
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Shin Chan (does that count?)
-DBZ (which I enjoyed when I was younger)
-That one that starts off with the naked girl who is violently killing people with her mind or whatever

I didn't care for any of those. There's some others I've seen, anything that's been on [adult swim] I've probably seen an ep or two of.

I know some of the stuff that aggravates me in Anime is over-the-top sexualizations (I'm in the wrong place, aren't I?) "oh look a campy zoom in on a face and bouncing tits!" Don't like it.

Uh, OH YEAH, I watched a handful of episodes of Detective Conan YEARS ago, that seemed pretty cool. I enjoy anime-tropes in video games, for whatever reason it doesn't bother me in vidya (Persona 4, Phoenix Wright, as examples). I'm kind of just rambling at this point, but based on this information (or more, I'll add if you ask) is there any anime you think I could enjoy?

I have no idea where to go for this kind of information, so I look to you /a/.
First time I make a thread on /a/, and I fuck up the spoiler tag. Awesome.
That's a lot of surprise text.
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>rec thread
Here's a [REC]
Now fuck off.
All requests belong on /r/.
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So it's a rec thread today OP?

Was Free yesterday and before that moralfagging about loli.

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