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My friends told me, before I watched Modoka Magicka, that a lot of people either love or hate it, depending on how they felt about Haruhi. I love both shows. Is this just a made up war that my friends heard about or are people just stupid?
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>Go see Rebellion
>Madoka phone rice app trailer plays
>"Blah blah blah MADOKA MAGEEKA"

Nobody ACTUALLY pronounces it with a hard G right?
>Is this just a made up war that my friends heard about or are people just stupid?
Sounds like some stupid simplified kyoani vs. shaft argument.
I just avoid saying the word entirely. Soft G is stupid because it's the incorrect pronunciation, but Hard G doesn't sound right because we're used to 'Magic."
It's a Catch-22 if you ask me. You either sound philistine or autistic.
>depending on how they felt about Haruhi
What the fuck kind of special nonsense is this?
I've literally never compared the two, OP. It's not a subject I've seen addressed on /a/, either. I think it's just something that casuals would think of because they've only seen a handful of 1-cour anime and so they compare them all.
Well, it's German. How would a native speaker pronounce it?
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>evangelion with a soft g is the wrong pronunciation
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"Magic" as an english word is pronounced with a soft J. Japan can localize the word however they want but when it comes back over here there's no reason not to pronounce the word the way it's supposed to be. I think it's the same way with the word anime itself, I cringe when I hear somebody say "ah-nee-may", anime is just short for animation, you don't say "ah-nee-may-shun" goddamnit...
The title is Latin, it's pronounced Mah-jee-kah
I want some freaking sushi now.
I stand corrected, soft g it is.
Right, but it's not an English word, it's the feminine of the Latin 'magicus'. Check your etymological privilege.

As Nakazawa would say: Either way is fine. Modern, aka Ecclesiastical Latin, uses soft g. Classic, aka 'how they actual said shit in Rome', uses hard g.
So do whatever sounds right to you, anon. Or don't.
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I like you, you know Latin. Good job.
Also, I didn't know this thread actually uploaded. 4chan told me I did the captcha wrong and told me to do it over, but I didn't, because I'm writing a philosophy paper. I guess my friends were just talking to, or reading some dumb people's anime likings. They said that the people who loved haruhi hated Madoka, and vice-versa. They're both great.
Fair enough, I certainly didn't look that far into the word just because Japanese is not a very robust language for pronouncing foreign words so generally I just stick with the "How would I normally read it in English" when it comes to words that aren't Japanese.
Thanks for the info nonetheless.
It tells me that all the time even though it went through. moot is trolling us maybe.
But yeah, this makes sense if you're in a circle of uni friends who've gotten all of their anime exposure in the past year or two, but on /a/ I don't think it even occurred to most people to compare the two because they're five years apart with completely different genres, plots, characters, tone, etc.
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Nah, my friends been watching anime forever, just like me. He hasn't watched Madoka, yet, and I just watched it all this past week. He's just liked haruhi since it came out, and I just watched haruhi a couple of months ago. He probably just read it on some forums, I guess. either way, I told him it's wonderful and that he needs to watch it. We're running out of good anime to watch, since we've watched a lot of them over our lives.
Oh, that's pretty tight then. Your friend might want to be careful about his Haruhi obsession though. Tanigawa is the Miura of LN authors, so I'm wary of investing anything into the series.

It's SHAFTfag vs KyoAnifag thing, but mostly from the KyoAnifag side. You can see it best in 2ch, where KyoAnifags are on their #265 Madoka sucks general:

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