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anime plot thread?

To start here is mine
> 12 year old girl gets into an accident and gets into a coma
> She wakes up after a long time to find out she's now 20
> friends are now in college and she tries to fit in
> her childhood friend likes her meet and she still treats him like before
> she eventually meets a guy who does ecchi things to her
> she goes along with what he says because she's unable to understand what is happening
> after a while she starts liking it
> BEACH EPISODE, UMI DA!!! of course with the childhood friend and the other guy
> at night she climbs into her childhood friends bed and starts doing the same thing to him
> he pushes her off and ask her why is she acting like this
> tells him the other guy did this to her and it feels good and she wants to make her childhood friend feel good too
> he gets angry at her and tells her off and its wrong
> she gets scared and run away from him back to the other guy
> tells him that the childhood friend is being mean and he is the only one who can understand her
> they start doing some hardcore stuff
> childhood friend tries to apologize by going to her room
> before he got there he hear moans and as he looked inside he sees them doing it
> childhood friend closes the door and starts crying as the other guy and her fucks like no tomorrow
> cliff hanger ending, next episode never release

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