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File: kazuma02.jpg (31 KB, 469x395)
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Manliest of men. Kazuma is actually the visual inner monologue of Mike Tyson.

"Don't think. Don't hesitate. Just go. Keep on going. And if you fall, make sure you fall forward."
File: 1205114072289.jpg (37 KB, 358x500)
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it's Kira Yamato's voice.
File: 1205114279090.jpg (31 KB, 250x332)
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lol who actually watched Scryed subbed?
File: 1205114625355.png (93 KB, 320x237)
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The reason Cougar runs so fast is because of Kazuma.

Kazuma is a loliphile because women with breasts bruise easier.

Kazuma has so much pride just in his fist, Vegeta told him to chill.

Kazuma has so much pride in his right eye, Pride went blind in both.

Kazuma once killed hundreds of men and half of an army over the course of a week, owait this is really true.

I saw a dubbed episode... the dub makes my ears bleed.

Your ears are too womanly to handle Freeman and Blum playing GAR characters in the same series.

If Light used the Death Note on Kazuma the Shell Bullet, Light would die first.

The Chouginga Dai-Gurren was made from recycled parts of all the armored buses Kazuma destroyed.

Kazuma's Bullet attacks are stonger than real bullets.

Even really big ones.

The one time Kazuma used a real gun, the universe broke in two.

Kazuma once stole a guy's balls and used them to reinforce his fist.
File: 1205115175369.jpg (16 KB, 132x180)
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animu is shitty. GAR manga will always rule out.

oh and his fucking name is Kazuma Torisuna! THE FUCKING TREASONER!


In both versions, Kazuma is way too badass for girly things like last names and instead opts for a title.
Kazuma's old man was cooler.

what about his brother taiki?

That fag with the giant magnifying glass who got punched by Kazuma's fist at 50x its normal size?

other way around. kazuma broke the magnifying glass.

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