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>that one scene from an anime that ensured you would never let your friends know you watch it
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Your friends are faggots if one ass shot prevents them from watching something.
>implying I would let anyone know what anime I watch

Secondly, most of my past friends thought anime was just tentacle rape, so I'd never let them know anyway.

This was the best scene in the entire trilogy.
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I recognize that squid...

I actually wonder if normalfags would notice scenes like this, it seemed mildly subtle but I can't tell. Well I guess I noticed fanservice a lot more as a kid, and now it doesn't even cross my mind.

I don't know, sometimes I seem more keen to subtle fanservice that normalfags wouldn't notice, but it also works both ways and sometimes I'm a little more dense towards blatant fanservice.
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It would feel too gay even if the ova was pretty good and the MC was the manliest of the manly, the ending always put tears in my eyes.
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>I've been recommending this to everybody I know who watches anime
>mfw watching this scene
I feel like I'm being punished for my faggotry
gods forgive me
I remember how up in arms /a/ was when this aired.Sexualizing squid threads everywhere.
OreImo: Told a friend the ENglish translation of the title. He looked at me like I had just killed a man. Makes sense since he has three little sisters.

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