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We know.
Homura lied
Madoka died
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i fuggin love this meem
Is it just me or do homu's eyes look kind of dead-ish in the OP? Like not just when you didn't sleep much, but worse.
Please give up.
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It's just you.
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I've been going a year strong

You can't stop me, anon
/r/ wide homura

the wider the better
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What is the point with this kind of threads? There is no anime discussion, just circlejerk chatting. Get over madoka, that aired like 14 years ago and was shit then and is shit now, be creative, not this shit,
This thread is just like Godoka

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There is still lots of productive and in-depth discussion of the franchise almost every day, having a vapid OP is just how threads are usually started on /a/. The movie just premiered in Australia like yesterday too.
When I was walking out, I heard people being confused about Kyuubey in the post credits section.

It's just Homura feeding on despair isn't it? Kyuubey collects the despair then Homura rips it out of him right?
It's up for speculation. Personally I think she just punished him by giving him emotions. Now he knows the despair he used to cause in others.
Not clear but that is the most accepted theory, which is fucking retarded.
>let's give emotions to the space cats that grant wishes based on emotions! What could possibly go wrong?
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I'm sure Homura knows what she's doing, she is the very picture of sane and rational decision-making, after all.
ehhh this looks like it was done by kyoani.
That is certainly not the most accepted one and can pretty much be proven false. Seeing as Kyuubey can be seen in a normal state when he first approaches Homura, only after she most likely discharges the despair she's collected in het Soul Orb into him does he become disheveled.
>discharges the despair she's collected in het Soul Orb into him
But you'd think we'd see that if that were the case. Despair is usually visible in that sort of situation.

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