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We never talk about this.
I enjoyed it and think it was pretty good. Its weird that we talk about shit shows of the past but overlook some good ones.
Best Op : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TujtcZKD0JM
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I forgot, we have so many newfriends here now that noone can remember it cause it aired before they arrived. Ok then, moving on.
I really enjoyed the show. People said it was confusing and stuff, but I guess people are just too used to K-ON and other moe crap.
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Just a reminder that Volken MacMANi died for everyone's sins and princess carried Hamyuts Meseta to happiness.
it's just that the later part was rushed as fuck, adapting several volums in very few episodes
Really liked this show, watched it with /a/nons while it was airing

Best names in any series ever
Sometimes I steal them for my D&D game
The only two good characters die.

All the shitty ones live. No_thanks.jpg
But that is a good thing anon.
You will eventually start to hate any character, so they have to die while you still like them for them to be the best.
You don't mind the story ending then and that is good. Fast ride up, spark and then back to nothing. That is a good story, not prolonged crap like so many manga out there with 300+ chapters.
That start of 7th episode, the explanation of magic and the portrayal of it. That stuff was great in this story.

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