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File: genie lamp.jpg (43.50 KB, 1000x667)
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43.50 KB JPG
A genie appears before you and lets you have any one wish related to your waifu (make her real, insert you into her world, etc)

The condition is that you must pick a color, and you will be forced to think of all girls from all series with that color hair as the best girl of their series, with the exception of your waifu of course if it's different.

Do you take the genie up on his offer, and if so what wish do you want granted and what color do you pick?
I want my waifu to survive in canon

I'll go with "black" hair (like the often used blueblack/purpleblack)
File: Kuroneko.jpg (73.75 KB, 1280x720)
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73.75 KB JPG
I bring kuroneko into this world but keep her 2D, and choose black because there's no way I'd ever be dead wrong even if I'm not always right.
Make her real.
>keep her 2D
Enjoy your flat waifu faggot.
>Make my waifu real
>glow in the dark mint
>it's never an issue
I want my waifu to be happy, blonde.
I'd adopt my daughteru.
And Black hair of course.
If I enter a 2d world as a 3d being do I become an unknowable super powerful eldritch abomination?

Can I use my extra dimension to phase through walls and accomplish impossible shit?

I guess I choose purple.
so... she would be like a cardboard cutout that moved?
I'm guessing that you'd just become another 2D character like them, just like if your waifu was brought here they'd become 3D.
Become my waifu and the color I pick is white.

she would be round and everything but look obviously animated.

like when you watched kids movies where they put cartoon characters in a real world setting.
File: 34558165.jpg (806.24 KB, 707x1000)
806.24 KB
806.24 KB JPG
Jokes on you, I have no waifu. I want to be the waifu.

And if that still counts then I'd be wishing to go into my own world that I created in my mind where anime doesn't matter anymore.

Either way, I win.
thats really really sad

Make me into my waifu.

Such a tragedy. Red is best girl, always, anyway.
>be the waifu
>my own world
>created in my mind
>anime doesn't matter
I want tumblr to leave.
I'd pick brown because of my waifu (even if the rule doesn't apply to her, Mayaka, Holo, and Taiga were qt as fuck too).. maybe black because Miuna this season is so obviously the best.
shut up fucker you don't realize how much different real girls look.

I'd probably grow to resent my waifu if she became a 3D girl. 2D is where it's at.
>>glow in the dark mint
I laughed.
Unless you're implying that only tumblr is allowed to be creative (which would make you retarded), you must be baiting.

Here's a free reply for you troll.
Make her real naturally.
Red. Because redheads are always best girls
File: guess who.jpg (279.73 KB, 1280x720)
279.73 KB
279.73 KB JPG
>have to like brown
are you sure you don't want to rethink that anon?
I would wish that we would meet and fall in love in the most natural way possible, and that her show would be erased from existence as to not make things awkward. The hair color I would choose would be brown because half of my best girls including her are brunettes.
File: 1391218507288.gif (167.78 KB, 460x260)
167.78 KB
167.78 KB GIF
>not being attracted to best girl
Yeah, brown hair is objectively the color with the most consistently best girls.

But goddamnit do I like Miuna. One of my favorite girls from the past couple of years.
File: 1387227286149.gif (819.12 KB, 500x200)
819.12 KB
819.12 KB GIF
oh anon but i AM attraced to best girl, how could you assume otherwise?
File: 1378527117912.jpg (6.16 KB, 219x242)
6.16 KB
6.16 KB JPG
Her death.

File: IMG_0395.jpg (538.36 KB, 1920x1080)
538.36 KB
538.36 KB JPG
Make her real, provided she is still immortal.

I would pick her hair color, green.
I don't notice a lot of girls with that color, so in most cases I can keep my opinion.
File: 1389299750090.png (946.60 KB, 600x600)
946.60 KB
946.60 KB PNG
but that's worst gi-
ok I couldn't even say that with a straight face
Well, I'd want to be transported into my waifu's universe obviously. Because nippon where only cute things ever happen is much better than real world.

But like, what I don't think we're considering is why our waifu's would pay attention to us anyway? Stalking them is find to a point, but holding hands would be better.

Also, you'd have to be spasticated to not choose purple hair.
File: tlr03016.jpg (31.16 KB, 960x720)
31.16 KB
31.16 KB JPG
this fucking guy 10/10
We can be just as kind as the MC, know all the events and might even be better looking.

Just murder the guy and take his life for your own.
>your waifu lives in a universe where males exist

top lel. pic related
But they do. There are male cousins and there are men in the date episode.

Get wrekked.

>implying lesbians are capable of love
Of course.
>I wish everyone who has posted on /a/ is physically transformed into my waifu.
>>I wish everyone who has posted on /a/ is physically transformed into my waifu.
Who's your waifu? This is important.
File: 1391270351970.jpg (28.56 KB, 191x271)
28.56 KB
28.56 KB JPG
Go on.
Insert me into a 2D world as a side character. No waifu so chances are I could find a girl who isn't going for an MC and eventually be with her.
Also white/silver/whatever they call it.
I'd wish everyone on /a/ turned into their own waifu.
File: akkarin.png (12.40 KB, 700x1080)
12.40 KB
12.40 KB PNG
File: 05ee.png (167.47 KB, 465x340)
167.47 KB
167.47 KB PNG
I guess I'd wish for mai waifu's manga to get a high budget anime adaptation. Moving her to another world from her own without her consent sounds pretty selfish.

Color: Octarine.
hm.. purple. I can't think of any purple I hate. Also I'd go to her world. Fuck the 3d world, it sucks.
I will instead wish for information to make all anons' come true then I shall go on a quest with this knowledge of mine. I shall make you're waifus come true because my waifu is You

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