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File: 1391009434469.jpg (103.84 KB, 1440x810)
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If Chu2 were set in American high school, Shinka would be the school slut that'd do the entire football team.
But she's already the school slut.
File: 1391009742358.jpg (137.35 KB, 1920x1080)
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137.35 KB JPG

But she said she didn't have a boyfriend.

Besides, I'd rather have Sanae as a girlfriend.
But she's a lesbian
File: 1391124623859.jpg (62.95 KB, 1280x720)
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62.95 KB JPG
What's with all the Shinka hate we've been having lately? Stop bully.
I know, right? I love it.

Remember the bitchy alpha girl that wouldn't give you the time or day back in high school? That's her.
what's wrong with doing the entire football team
Why does she try so hard to become popular? Why can't she be happy with her chuuni friends?
Because she's a stupid bitch.
I find it amusing at how different she is in the novel compared to the anime.
File: 5JZiDEn.gif (804.21 KB, 230x500)
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804.21 KB GIF
I... I don't get it, how can anyone seriously defend Dekomori or shit on Nibutani after this episode?

Dropped as fuck, you people are out of your minds if you think this shit is ok
File: Taken too soon.png (44.76 KB, 321x1057)
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44.76 KB PNG
Good, she's a horrible bitch in those.

>Newbutani will never return
And Rikka would be that weird girl that everyone avoids.
File: 1391010313284.jpg (201.91 KB, 1920x1080)
201.91 KB
201.91 KB JPG

How's she in the novel?
>Good, she's a horrible bitch in those
So they're not that different.
Did people just not respond well to the new design and they took it away from her?
Why everyone takes this so seriously? Sure there must be very few human beings in history who were more embarrased in front of their entire school than Nibutani, still I almost fell of my chair laughing when the projector with her Mori summer form got turned on. Fucking kyoani, 10/10 episode. Also dat Deko under the desk was golden. The doujins are writing themselves.
File: 1391009999973.jpg (84.26 KB, 1440x810)
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84.26 KB JPG
Why are her feet so big?
No way; it was just her failed attenmpt to reinvent herself.

They don't make anime week to week, do they?

They just happened to make her redesign a 10/10
Deko is really small.

Also Japanese girls have big smelly feet, I thought this was known
File: 1379373326173.jpg (64.59 KB, 1117x629)
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64.59 KB JPG
>omg my god she wears lip gloss what a slut!!!11111
File: WhereAmI.png (928.90 KB, 1280x720)
928.90 KB
928.90 KB PNG
You would know you fucking rapist
File: 48748418.jpg (128.90 KB, 453x682)
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128.90 KB JPG
Nibutani a pure angel
The hate is natural
Fuck off rapist.
I thought she was really sweet to keep humoring Dekomori, despite all the horrible abuse she had dealt with prior. She even had a speech prepared, then her autism just kicked into third gear and she started reading out of her internet forum scrapbook. Nibutani should have immediately shoved her right off the fucking stage.
But that's wrong.

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