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File: MewIchigopose.jpg (18 KB, 320x240)
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So... There's that girl, that I like.. And She's listening so somes anime called Tokyo Mew Mew and many other animes(Wich make my great pleasure as I love animes too).

I'm planning on watching some of the episodes to get a subject of conversation. So, anyone here could give me some feedback on that show ?

Pic Kinda Related.

Don't fail me :3

Go back to Gaia.
File: 1205110442532.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
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Watching anime to get a girl? UNPOSSIBLE
Tokyo Crystal Mew, it's a spinoff of Tokyo Mew Mew. You can find it on Youtube.

That would make a excellent animu plot. Boy falls in love with otaku girl and watches anime to impress her.
Posting Tokyo Crystal Mew in a TCM:The Prequel thread.
Tokyo Mew Mew would have been better if they'd all had dfc.


Tokyo Mew Mew would've been good if it would've been porn.
File: 1205112967758.png (176 KB, 932x720)
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176 KB PNG
Even speaking as someone who likes magical girl shoujo series and Ogata Megumi, Tokyo Mew Mew was terrible.

Do her a favor and get her to watch Pretear. Or Nurse Angel Ririka. Or Princess Tutu. Or Sailormoon. Anything* but Tokyo Mew Mew.

*Not Wedding Peach.
That would be rediculously hot porn that is not really available and and I feel the market would consume it in it's fury, like that Japanese grudge spirit type shit with sarah michelle ghellar and the thing is all like in her face and shes just like "oh shit"
File: 1205113201831.jpg (82 KB, 508x569)
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English dubbed version of Ichigo Mashimallow? I heard it was dubbed..."dencently"...
File: 1205113381328.jpg (52 KB, 350x500)
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I fucking loved MLGN, and maybe she will too, but she might figure out you like/prefer little anime girls. Make sure you know her enough so she doesn't freak out when she see's loli nanoha's...hot hot loli ass when she is changing in the first few episodes to clue her in on who the series is really appealing to here, but it is good enough to merit a look at least.
File: 1205113686139.jpg (41 KB, 640x480)
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And fucking Card Captor Sakura for sure, I even enjoyed it for the plot sometimes even though sometimes it was fillery, not as much filler as sailor moon though
Look outside your otaku friends. I tried geek romance and failed. Then I ended up with a totally non-geek girl. Life's funny and the best things happen by accident. Just remember this and go with it.
You should show her Tokyo Crystal Mew.
File: 1205113981092.jpg (110 KB, 320x840)
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If she is watching Tokyo Mew Mew, maybe she is younger.
I'd suggest avoiding her, since, if she's watching Tokyo Mew Mew it's obviously a TRAP.
File: 1205114307138.jpg (134 KB, 381x414)
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134 KB JPG

Unless, you know...
File: 1205114473419.gif (168 KB, 220x176)
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I think it would be correct of me to say it is generally hivemind opinion that this is the type of girl you are going after, definitely, but if she is older, probably not, that is problems
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