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Explain, to the best of your ability, the plot of Battle Tendency to an old man who has never seen a Chinese girl cartoon.
Ancient race of supermen threaten to take over the world. A group of unlikely and fabulous heroes sets on a quest to stop them. They are also aided by the nazis.
An American man with ancient spiritual kung-fu powers must fight against recently awakened Aztec-like gods bent on ruling the earth.
American Arnold Schwarzenegger teams up with Italian Arnold Schwarzenegger to rumble with three Spanish Arnold Schwarzeneggers.
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A young master of deceiving sets on a bizarre adventure that requires the use of all of his tricks and power to fight and defeat millenium demons that awakened after a 5000 years of sleep to enslave humanity.
Raiders of the Lost dick
So there's this 195cm tall buff guy who saves a nigger because he needed a pet or something.
Then he fights a vampire on a bridge because he killed his father figure.
But then he discovers that his father figure is actually being inprisoned by evil people (yes it's the nazi)
So he goes to the base of the evil nazi but then they awake an ancient arab so he fights the arab.
After rescuing the father figure he discovers that there's more ancient arabs sleeping around and so he goes on a journey to kill them together with an italian guy who kinda looks like the protagonist's grandfather's nemesis and a woman whose only fight has her getting stabbed in the back after 12 seconds.

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