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Just finished up Fairy tail and am looking for something new to watch. Looking for suggestions of other anime with a Fairy tail/one piece feel to it. Good story with over the top action. Any suggestions?
Recommendation threads are not allowed.
Fairy Tail is shit.
Kill yourself.
thanks for the input I'll have to check it out.
Sorry, no amines came up when i goggled cunt, massive douche, or guy with his head up his own ass. Guess they haven't made a subbed version yet.

anybody else willing to give some decent feedback?
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Just google "Shitty entry level anime for horny 13 year olds" and I'm sure you'll find something just like Fairy Tail.

Your thread is against the rules.
Fuck off.
looking for casual show to fill up some of my free time instead find massive asshole/cactus cozy.
apparently all sub sections are just turning into self centered trash now a days, but thanks instead of watching anime I'm going to go outside. From the fear that i turn into you the lonely garbage who only finds satisfaction on a computer screen, and can't handle having a conversation that doesn't start with fuck you. Have fun dieing alone.
I recommend watching boku no pico. Its a 10/10 anime series that is deep and engaging with a good story!
I'm not alone, I'll always have my waifu.
You're the one who will die alone.

Goodbye, don't come back.
As much cancer as rec threads are, I always come in just to see the OP break down and cry like a baby. Makes my day.

Kill yourself, OP. Also sage.
>One Piece fags mad enough to spam Naruto threads because they actually tried to make generals and failed
>They don't get a single post
>Let's spam other shonens

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