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is it really that bad though? i mean it has alot of great moments! and sakura is like the hottest anime character ever.
i enjoy it and i am proud of it! u are all just to edgy and deep5me bullshit.
im sure i am not the only one who finds this a 8/10 show. join the movement, and lets agree that this is a great show!
This is our board now faggots.
I advise you to deal with it or get the fuck out.
No one cares about your moe shit or harem bullshit.
We actually like good anime and want the best out of the anime industry.
Now fuck off and go to /jp/ where the cancers of the anime industry head off to.
bumping for great justice
Now, just rating this on how the thread was created.
First of all, uninspiring image, seriously get an image that grabs some fucking ATTENTION, makes an IMPACT, gives some shit about the goddamn series!
There's absolutely nothing about that image that tells us anything about the series, new news about it, or even if it's from that goddamn series.

Second, there's a lack of a goddamn topic, if you start a thread that isn't currently airing, or is an exceedingly long running series then you need a topic otherwise people will be lost, and it'll end up as a clusterfuck.
When it's currently airing people can talk about the newest episodes and whatnot, same with manga which is usually the case with Bleach or any other Jump manga, so if you are to make a thread without topic, make it Wednesday.

Third, this can obviously be interpreted as bait by simply so many goddamn people, this is something you are to avoid if you are trying to discuss a show or manga that is currently hated on or generally disliked by /a/ as a whole, or if you do not agree with that, vocal whole.
And see here, proof already of my claim

This is the perfect example of how NOT to create a thread if you mean to have discussion.
0/10, would only post in to criticize.
We at Narutoforums.com sneer at you fuckin pedophiles and everything else that makes /a/ suck fucking balls. Narutoforums.com is a better site than /a/ could ever dream to be because most of you f/a/ggots are, in our eyes, eternal moefags, aka there is nothing you could ever say or do to bring yourself up to our level, because you aren't true anime watchers. Stay away, we don't want you in Narutoforums.com, not now, not ever. Go on and continue existing in your own world of shit thinking that it's any good, while the master race quietly resides separated from you mongoloids.
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