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File: twgok3-03-featured.jpg (139.07 KB, 1280x720)
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1. Haqua
2. Tenri
3. Elsie
4. Chihiro
5. Diana
6. Kanon
7. Trap Keima
8. Dokuro
9. Yui
9000. Kaori
9001. Shiori
9999999999999. Ayumi
File: 1390289505908.jpg (237.15 KB, 500x685)
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>Ayumi isn't best girl

How can one have such shit taste?
Ayumi is dog shit, hope for friends to fail and acts like a cunt all the time the Keima for no reason.
Why? She hasn't been in the manga for more than a year.
File: 1324098539002.png (85.16 KB, 226x232)
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85.16 KB PNG
>acts like a cunt all the time the Keima for no reason.

I thought you were talking about Ayumi, not Haqua.
Haqua is still his ally at the end of the day. She only acts like that out of embarrassment, not to be a jealous bitch.
>not having LCfer at the top

confirmed shit list
Chihiro is a nice girl and is the only girl to ever make Keima feel things.
So wrong, the first chapter already contradicts your claims, it's obvious retarded Chihirofags don't read or understand anything.
Chihiro is my favorite character.

I'm still reading TWGOK because I'm waiting for her, even if the Jupiter arc is bad.
It isn't bad, it is just really long.

Keima probably wants nothing to do with her, or the other girls out of guilt though.
Looking at the Shonen Sunday site, Chihiro is still in the list of the main characters, together to the devils, the goddesses hosts, and Dokuro (plus Keima, of course), and this is currently my only hope to see her again.
I think if she wasn't relevant anymore she wouldn't be there.
>Haqua first

Mein neger
She actually had a real deal no hell bullshit induced crush on Keima.
File: 1390155997405.jpg (334.25 KB, 887x892)
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334.25 KB JPG
Chihiro beating Trap Keima and Diana? What the fuck is wrong with you!?
>No Yokkyun
>Confirmed shit list
Still waiting on season 3
Elsie > everyone else
How is this even a question?
>It isn't bad, it is just really long.

Imho it's bad. Bland, repetitive and full of free violence.
>9999999999999. Ayumi

So true, Ayumi is one of the worst character I found in manga.
Boring fanservice shit.
I preferred Kusunoki over her like Mercury host.
Ayumi is shit. No doubt.
File: twgok_ep7_pic5.png (314.62 KB, 764x419)
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314.62 KB PNG
I like all of the girls, I think Ayumi has a great personality, LC is fun to be around, Haqua is a good friend, and I think Chihiro is the most adorable and my personal favorite.

Some people might not like your favorite girl, but that's okay. It's alright to have different opinions, and even if you don't agree with someone else, you should still be respectful and refrain from lashing out at them
File: 1372295871943.jpg (41.45 KB, 195x195)
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>implying you're not a faggot.
It's okay to disagree with me anon, I won't get angry at you for having a different opinion.
Haqua=Shiori>Elsie>the rest
File: Rune.jpg (44.07 KB, 252x364)
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Welcome to the future, Marty.

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