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Evafags, I need your help. The plan is to put a Lance of Longinus model into Kerbal, stick it in Lunar orbit and then recover it, because I suspect Fuyutsuki knows Jack Shit about orbital mechanics and Δv.

The biggest snag is that I can't find the mass or dimensions of the Lance. Google isn't helping because a search for "Lance of Longinus mass" just turns up stuff about the MP Evas with similar shortcomings for its dimensions.
Around a metric ton
Superb, that's pretty damn light. Any hints on the dimensions?
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Also, I figure a pretty good followup would be to put together the rocket from the beginning of Q so it's actually capable of a suborbital flight to deorbit Shinji's prison. While it would be great to actually model an Eva, it's a little beyond me so I figure I'll just do the pod they're in.
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Godspeed, anon.
The Evas are supposed to be 80m tall, so if you get several pictures with the Eva with the lance you can deduce it's dimesions.
you can get a rough idea of the dimensions here, but mass is anyone's guess
i say 100m high
Just found this on google.
Thanks, I was having trouble pinning down their size. They seem to vary based on what the plot requires of them.

I wish I spoke Japanese, I'd run the simulation with a weight of a ton, track down Anno and email him the video asking for an accurate mass. He'd probably dispatch his goons but it would be worth it.
derp, forgot the link
In the orig series, evas range between 100-60m pretty regularly

Rebuild keeps them at about 80m so its as good a number as any to use as a baseline
>530 metric tons
Looks like a good estimation to me.
File: screenshot11.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.68 MB PNG
That's exactly what I was looking for. The big problem is that there's no way that velocity would result in a lunar orbit. The Lance could pass within a cm of the lunar surface (i.e. deep within its gravity well) and not give two shits.

Assuming I just take the mass of 552t, that's going to require clustered nuclear engines to drag it close enough to Eath/Kerbin for atmospheric braking to take over. Piss, I guess Fuyutsuki might have been right on this one. Currently, the most powerful rocket (in terms of Δv/ton in orbit) I can get into LKO is pic related.
Honestly t all comes down to the material it's made of, the guy assumes it's steel, but if it was titanium it would be around 298 tons
Yeah, just assuming this morphing piece of ancient alien technology is made of a steel-like material is a ridiculous leap of logic
Have in mind that it crashes with the angel's AT field, and it's probably slowed down a lot before getting near the moon. We don't know how much it may be slowed down, though.
File: 142px-Jumbo_FT[1].png (15.53 KB, 142x189)
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New plan, to save time, I'll make a Jumbo-64 (which is the right length) weigh 530t and give it a red paint job with a NERV logo. If I can get that bugger into and back from a Lunar orbit I'll go through the horror of getting the Lance into KSP (the collision maps keep messing up).
Didn't consider that, thank you. They explicitly state in the show that it's in a Lunar orbit so I'll run with that and stick it in a rather challenging 50/30km AP/PE
>jeez good that all these ships are unmanned...
File: m25_C532_d_mid.jpg (31.81 KB, 414x240)
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So in order to get your 530t spear to the moon, you're gonna need ... 5000 to 7500 tons of fuel? Maybe you should start off with a smaller spear first?
File: screenshot4.png (587.08 KB, 1920x1080)
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587.08 KB PNG
>Implying I don't have a TARDIS

Don't worry, I won't be using it for recovery.

Another thing you'll probably have to mod to account for is extreme acceleration -- the object was thrown, so went from 0 to [lunar trajectory + whatever velocity was lost hitting AT field] almost instantly. This in theory means it would consume less energy than a rocket launch, since it spends less time under the force of earth's gravity than a rocket that takes up to 30-60 mins (or whatever) to accelerate to maximum speed. Vanilla KSP components can't handle anywhere near that kind of acceleration and would automatically explode

Also, don't forget the far, far narrower cross section of the lance means much less air resistance. Again, a lot more efficient (and likely less turbulent) than a rocket. Might also require some modding.

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