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ITT: 9/10 and 10/10 comedy anime.
To make it clear, 10/10 anime are 9/10 anime that you gave an extra point because you loved it that much.

Comedy is actually the hardest genre to get right, especially for nips because they have a very specific comedy taste.

Please choose really wisely. Low harem comedy shit like nourin would be a 3/10 at best.
>inb4 recommendations
Suck it up, every thread right fucking now is in some way a recommendation thread, but this one right here has a fucking mission.

I will start with Detroit Metal City. Is it a 9/10 comedy anime? Yes or no?
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Boku no pico.
Another recommendation thread, today /a/ is full of shit.
It depends. The first OVA was a little serious. It really starts to get funny at the second OVA and picks up the third one but all in all I would say 5/10.
>today, I heard cows mooing on the farm
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The adventures of Bathhouse Owner is definitely my favorite comedy, and it's still merely 8/10.
You guys should learn to use 1-10 scale.
Ichigo Mashimaro and Cromartie.
Fucking vote yes or no. This shit needs to get done.
Seto no Hanayome is probably up there.

Also Lunar best girl
I agree with the 8/10 but only because the later half turned a little bit weak in the joke department. Especially with the funky girls, one of the earlier episodes had this brilliant joke with the ojou-san and her butlers. The funky girls beat the monster girl joke till the end, it was fucking pathetic.
Detroit metal city
Daily lives

are the only ones i can think of right now
Please no waifu shit, comedy is serious buisness.
As the OP I would give this also a 9/10. I don't remember much though except for the ending being outstandingly brilliant.
My nigger
Shoving Funky Girls down our throat at the end of every episode gave me a really bad aftertaste.
Fight me.
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Also don't forget to bring up all the anime where the comedy aspect is still 9/10 even if the anime itself isn't primary comedy.
Excel Saga. Fucking loved that anime, still do, would watch again, cuz that's the one which clinched me and lead to this path that I am on today.
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Fuck you shitty harems can be hilarious. Stop trying to create a circle jerk thread of approva from only people who share the same opinion of you.
Watched only a few episodes but it seems to be promising.
Although I must say that comedy anime with a female MC gets a personal minus in my book.
But he's OP. He's the authority on good comedy. He makes rec thread after all.

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