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Is this worth watching if you have no intentions to masturbate to doujins with the MCs boypussy getting dominated?
I remember how hyped everyone was for this and then dropped it at third/fourth episode
I'd probably watch the whole thing one day just for my roulette
>not wanting to masturbate to doujins of the MC's boypussy getting dominated
I bet you like holding hands with girls.
Yeah, it's a fun watch, although Joey only crossdresses in one epidode.

Holly is best girl.
inb4 Stan Lee shoops
Joey, coffee please!
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Honestly yes, it was a very fun series that sort of had a Saturday morning cartoon feeling to it. Hard to really describe, but there's just something iconic about a boy and his giant robot taking down aliens. It had some nice character development, interesting characters, and even if it wasn't what people expected at first it was probably at least a 7/10 series.

Pretty good, but hardly anything original in a way. It's not about being some new shit, but honestly it's biggest draw for me was that sense of "fun" in watching it. People say it gets good during the Minami arc, but honestly going back and watching the first arc I wouldn't really say it was bad really. Also the doujinshi produced because of it aren't bad either

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