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>the double look-away happens
>you EEEEEEHHHH hard
>the whole arena does it after you
It felt, strange.
>tfw kimura and aoki never win anything
>that fuckin Kimura vs Mashie OAV
>Kimura trains like a madman, questions his whole life about whether or not he really belongs to boxing
>everything is settled for a fucking ko victory for Kimura
>lol no

Why authors are so rude with some of their characters ? They are just foils for Ippo and Takamura. They train as hard but still, they are buffons in comparison of Ippo. Aoki's fights are just here for comedy material, and kimura...nobody gives a flying shit

fuck dat feel, fuck you mangakas who make more interesting and likeable characters than the MC and transform their lives into shit
That's so true.
At least give them their little bit of glory.
It's not like it would be undeserved, hell no.
Heck, give each a title, why not?
I would be great to see these two earning a belt one day. Heck they don't even have to hold it for long, maybe lose it the next fight like Kobashi or something.
While I agree 100% with you, Aoki and Kimura represent those types of boxers that are just stuck in limbo, mostly staying in the middle ranks with some small shots at titles. It'd be pretty unrealistic for Kamogawa gym to have like 5 people with title belts. Of course the way they show this is pretty terrible. They both do everything in unison now and are just comic relief. They'll both fight stupid opponents in the same night and get the same result each. My biggest gripe with the later manga chapters is their treatment and fusion into Aokimura and how special everybody treats Itagaki, a completely annoying character who would be irredeemable if he didn't interact witch much better characters.
Aoki a best.
Yeah it's kind of depressing if you think about it too much.
how many episodes is this going for

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