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File: hoozuki shiro.gif (959.56 KB, 500x284)
959.56 KB
959.56 KB GIF
There was a nice discussion yesterday about making and optimizing gifs, using ffdshow and whatnot.
I still haven't gotten the hang of it, but I'm gonna post some of the stuff I made and anyone's free to join in.
File: shiro.gif (495.49 KB, 500x280)
495.49 KB
495.49 KB GIF
They're simple loops, mostly. I don't really like when it ends or begins abruptly.
File: shiro2.gif (634.03 KB, 500x280)
634.03 KB
634.03 KB GIF
Right now, I'm trying to get a gif from 6Mb to under 1Mb in size without compromising quality. If anyone could help me with doing that, it'd be great.
File: hachiken.gif (956.84 KB, 500x282)
956.84 KB
956.84 KB GIF
It's not all Hoozuki no Reitetsu, either.
File: ichijou.gif (662.71 KB, 500x280)
662.71 KB
662.71 KB GIF
File: nisekoi.gif (817.54 KB, 500x214)
817.54 KB
817.54 KB GIF
I don't know anything about this show so I can't comment on the gifs much more than that, but they seem to be nicely made.

Also I can't comment on making gifs, since I don't know anything about it. Just wanted to say the gifs were nicely done is all.
File: hxh butterfly.gif (700.74 KB, 500x277)
700.74 KB
700.74 KB GIF
Hey, thanks.
I've seen people cutting down on filesize like crazy without any setbacks to quality, which is why I wanted to learn a bit more.
File: gon.gif (908.04 KB, 500x274)
908.04 KB
908.04 KB GIF
File: zvezda.gif (862.01 KB, 500x367)
862.01 KB
862.01 KB GIF
File: nourin.gif (174.28 KB, 500x361)
174.28 KB
174.28 KB GIF
I just thought someone might enjoy this one.
File: ichijou2.gif (606.22 KB, 500x280)
606.22 KB
606.22 KB GIF
Think this is my last one so far.

This is the gif I'm trying to reduce, btw puu sh 6Go6G gif
4chan when I tried to post that earlier.
>There was a nice discussion yesterday about making and optimizing gifs
I think I found it, that's what your were talking about, right? Pretty educational indeed.
File: majestic prince.gif (2.35 MB, 480x270)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB GIF
4chan was a bit of a bitch*

This one was in a different folder, so I missed it at first.

Yep, that's the one. I only showed up near the end and didn't manage to clear most of my doubts.
File: 1.gif (1.58 MB, 702x537)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
I'm now kind of curious about passing each frame through a seperate compressor to remove small amounts of noise from them before using them as frames.

I doubt it'll make much if any difference, though.
That sounds time-consuming as hell.
Though that's what I did with this >>101340825
The background wasn't a clean brown, it was weird tones of brown+wine colors that didn't compress well. I didn't use anything fancy, though, just the good old magic wand in paint.
File: majestic.gif (2.86 MB, 337x183)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB GIF
File: majestic2.gif (1.42 MB, 337x183)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
File: harakiri sunshine.gif (2.49 MB, 640x360)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB GIF
File: REDLINE full.gif (1.71 MB, 548x307)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
Sasuga Shiro
Now gifs I didn't make.

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